ドクムカデ (Dokumukade)
Titles Giant Centipede
Nicknames Scolo
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Jungle
Great Forest
Deserted Island
Flooded Forest
Heaven's Mount
Ancestral Steppe
Jurassic Frontier
Sunken Hollow
Primal Forest
Ancient Forest
Abysmal Trench
Size 3018.19 cm
2582.92 cm
Relatives Quartz Scolocade (Subspecies)
Torrent Scolocade (Rare Species)
Deathcrawler Scolocade (Deviant)
Signature Move Mandible Attack
Elements Element Earth Earth
Ailments Status Poison Poison
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko
Scolocade are Neopterons.


Scolocade are centipede-like Neopterons with segmented bodies that is protected by a black exoskeleton that is adorned with crimson bands. Each segment has a pair of gold legs. The legs on the very last segment are elongated and tail-like. A pair of long, gold, segmented antennae protrude from their rounded, flattened heads. They posses a pair of large, gold mandibles. Their compound eyes shine a bright blue.


Scolocade mandibles are roughly the same size as their heads, which can penetrate the hard armor of certain prey. They also uses their mandibles to inject prey with a lethal venom. It travels underground for sneak attacks and has a nearly unbreakable, chitinous exoskeleton.



Scolocade Icon Massive Neopterons with long bodies and sturdy shells for protection. Its pincer-like mandibles are used to hold onto prey and deliver a lethal venom. Multiple pairs of legs allow for swift movements and great mobility on uneven terrain.


  • Order: Chilopoda
  • Family: Mukade

Scolocade are large centipede-like Neopterons. This class of monsters include Konchu, Seltas, and Seltas Queen.

Habitat Range

Scolocade have been seen living in the Jungle, Great Forest, Ancestral Steppe, Everwood, Heaven's Mount, Jurassic Frontier, Marshlands, Primal Forest, and the Sunken Hollow, Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, and Misty Peaks. They have been discovered living in the Ancient Forest in the New World.

Ecological Niche

Scolocade are opportunistic carnivores. They will attack and consume almost any monster that is not larger than they are. These include Rhenoplos and Aptonoth. Other creatures like Gendrome, Yian Kut-Ku, Kecha Wacha, or Great Jaggi may find themselves in risk of being eaten. The known competitors of these giant Neopterons consist of Zinogre, Gore Magala, Brachydios, Dinovaldo, Rajang, and Elder Dragons like Teostra. But with an incredibly tough exoskeleton, powerful grasping mandibles, and deadly venom, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Biological Adaptations

Scolocade possess hard, rigid exoskeletons. The red patterns on their bodies are to warn other predators that they are venomous. Young Scolocaade are entirely black, and do not develop the red patterns until they reach adulthood. Scolocade also possess large, powerful, pincer-like mandibles that are roughly the same size as their heads. These mandibles hold prey and inject a potent venom that slowly saps the victim's energy until it stops moving. Venom glands run through a tube to the tip of each mandible. Its rear pair of antennae are actually a highly modified pair of legs.


These Neopterons are nervous and jumpy and may move rapidly if disturbed. They are also very aggressive, feeding on almost anything they encounter. They are known to employ unique strategies to catch airborne prey in which they can climb cave ceilings or tree branches and hold or manipulate their heavier prey with only a few legs attached to the ceiling/branch. During a fight, Scolocade will use their entire body to coil around their enemies or prey with all its legs firmly attached to the body of the opponents. Scolocades will cut away at their prey when eating.


Low Rank

Icon Item Name Description Drop Rate Type
Carapace Icon Black Scolocade Shell A piece of black shell from a Scolocade. The crimson streaks are a sign of the monster's toxicity. 60%/50% Body Carve/Shiny Drop
Monster Parts Icon Yellow Scolocade Leg One of the many legs of a Scolocade. Every now and then it wriggles. 56% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Yellow Scolocade Antenna A long Scolocade antenna, it is used to seek out its prey. 51%/45% Body Carve/Head Break
Monster Parts Icon Yellow Scolocade Mandible The fearsome mandible of the Scolocade. It still drips venom. 45%/35% Body Carve/Head Break

High Rank

Icon Item Name Description Drop Rate Type
Carapace Icon Black Scolocade Shell A Scolcoade's jet black carapace. The dark color helps the monster hide within the shadows, waiting for prey. 55%/45% Body Carve/Shiny Drop
Monster Parts Icon Yellow Scolocade Leg+ Just one of the Scolocade's legs. Just looking at it makes you feel uneasy. 51% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Yellow Scolocade Antenna+ A Scolocade's long, segmented antenna. The perfect tool for locating prey. 46%/40% Body Carve/Head Break
Monster Parts Icon Yellow Scolocade Mandible+ A scissor-like Scolocade mandible. Even a single scratch can prove to be lethal. 40%/30% Body Carve/Head Break

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description Drop Rate Type
Carapace Icon Black Scolocade Cortex An ebony carapace from a Scolocade. The marbled crimson patterns make sure that predators think twice about confronting it. 52%/42% Body Carve/Shiny Drop
Monster Parts Icon Yellow Scolocade Long Leg One of the Scolocade's dozen legs. Having removed it from the monster's body doesn't make it any less disturbing. 48% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Yellow Scolocade Feeler An elongated, segmented feeler that can detect prey from miles away. 43%/37% Body Carve/Head Break
Monster Parts Icon Yellow Scolocade Chelicera Scissor-like mandibles that either cut prey in half or pump them full of deadly venom. Different situations, same outcome. 37%/27% Body Carve/Head Break



Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description
Great Sword Icon Light Blue
Rarity 8
Scolocutter 950 0% White/Purple O-- 350 Status Poison An augmented, advanced blade so dreadfully sharp that it can split any prey in two.
Long Sword Icon Light Blue
Rarity 8
Mandible Razor 624 0% White/Purple OO- 300 Status Poison An elongated mandible fashioned into a Long Sword.
Sword and Shield Icon Light Blue
Rarity 8
Chilopod Blade 265 0% White/Purple OO- 250 Status Poison A Sword that looks like an unsettling amalgamation of hundreds of legs fused together to create a lethal weapon.
Hunting Horn Icon Light Blue
Rarity 8
Venomous Chime 988 0% White/White O-- 330 Status Poison A Hunting Horn whose melodies sap the strength of prey as if they were poisoned.
Lance Icon Light Blue
Rarity 8
Segmented Claw 459 0% White/White OOO 280 Status Poison This segmented lance can extend in length in order to penetrate far-away targets.
Charge Blade Icon Light Blue
Rarity 8
Seta's Scythe 907 0% White/Purple OO- 200 Status Poison A Charge Blade that uses Scolocade materials for maximum efficiency. Envenomates prey upon contact.
Insect Glaive Icon Light Blue
Rarity 8
Nightcrawler 534 0% White/Purple OO- 240 Status Poison Some say that this Insect Glaive comes to life at midnight to hunt.
Light Bowgun Icon Light Blue
Rarity 8
Centipede Bite 330 0% OO- A bowgun that reduces weight by using sturdy Scolocade plating. Enables silent stalking.
Bow Icon Light Blue
Rarity 8
Scolo Recurve 250 0% OO- 150 Status Poison A deadly bow that curves forward at the ends, which straighten out under tension when the bow is drawn. Allows for more powerful arrows.


Scolocade is a combination of Scolopendra (a genus of centipedes) and ムカデ mukade (centipede). Dokumukade is a combination of the Japanese words for poison and centipede.


  • When enraged, Scolocade's eyes turn red, and huffs white smoke.
  • The feelers on its head and rear can be broken along with the mandibles.
  • When low on stamina it will fail to poison the Hunter with its mandible attacks.
    • It will feed on carcasses to regain stamina.