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Titles Sting Raptor
Nicknames Scoo
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Verdant Hills, Old Jungle, Jungle (2nd), Flooded Forest, Ancestral Steppe, Everwood, Jurassic Frontier, Rocky Hills, Sherin Peaks, Defiant Stronghold
Size Small
Relatives Prime Scofisl, Verhisl, Prime Verhisl, Gluhisl, Prime Gluhisl
Signature Move Toxin Ball
Elements None
Ailments Status Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Ice Element Fire
Creator Chaoarren

Scofisl (Sko-feh-sall) are Raptor Bird Wyverns.

Scofisl Icon by Chaoarren Scofisl grow fur near identical to that of grass to camouflage themselves for sneak attacks. These bird wyverns can shoot a toxin from their tails that can paralyse threats. Hard to find alone, they follow their stronger leader, their "Prime" in groups.


Scofisl have the body of a raptor wyvern. Their backs are covered by green fur with orange zig zagged patterns on it. Underneath it is pale skin, near yellow in colour. Its hands, feet and mouth have an orange tint. The hands and feet all have three fingers/toes with a claw in each.


Alone, they are a scavenger, only eating leftovers and monsters that are its size. In a group they are able to defeat a large herbivore if good enough. With a Prime, monsters that are triple its size.

While hunting one it is what one would expect of a raptor bird wyvern, it bites and jumps. The unique ability of Scofisl is a paralysis sac in its tail, allowing it to squirt a liquid ball of toxins which can paralyze.


  • Bite: A simple chomp forward.
  • Leap: Jumps straight towards its target.
  • Toxin Shoot: Curves its tail forward and with a stabbing motion shoots a ball of yellow liquid which can cause paralysis.


Low Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Green Scofisl Hide Hide from a Scofisl. Its colour makes great camouflage in grass.

High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Green Scofisl Hide+ In grass this fur is very hard to see, if the patterns aren't visible.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Green Scofisl Piel The edges of this feel like sharp grass, but is still soft.


  • Scofisl was hinted in the OldFanon Fangame Monster Hunter Calamitous as, A bird wyvern with a blade like tail.
    • Despite the blade tail description Scofisl was teased in, it is only a stinger that is on the end of it's tail.
  • Its appearance resembles that of Maccao's of Monster Hunter Generations.