Sapphire Alatreon
Titles Burning Blue Dragon
Nicknames Sapphire Ala, Blue Alatreon
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Sacred Land, Ingle Isle
Size 3260.25 cm
Relatives Alatreon
Signature Move Blue Fire
Elements Element Dragon Dragon
Element Fire Fire
Element Ice Ice
Element Thunder Thunder
Ailments Status Blastblight Blastblight
Element Dragon Dragonblight
Element Fire Fireblight
Element Ice Iceblight
Status Poison Poison
Status Snowman Snowman
Element Thunder Thunderblight
Weaknesses Element Dragon Dragon
Element Fire Fire
Element Ice Ice
Element Water Water
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Sapphire Alatreon (アルバトリオン亜種, Arubatorion Ashu) are a Subspecies of Alatreon.


Sapphire Alatreon strongly resembles a normal Alatreon, the only difference being its body is colored a bright, metallic blue, though its horns and wings are darker colored. Its legs also appear to be more muscular.


Sapphire Alatreon has better control over its elemental powers, along with a few new powers. Sapphire Alatreon is able to produce blue fire, usually in the form of large fireballs, that burn with such intensity its nearly impossible to put the flames out. It is also able to produce a fine, red powder from its wings that acts similarly to the explosive dust produced by Teostra, Molten Tigrex, and Crimson Fatalis. It can also spit a poisonous fluid that releases toxic fumes, akin to Chameleos. Thanks to its increased stability, Sapphire Alatreon is even capable of breathing a powerful icy beam that can freeze enemies almost instantaneously, and produce powerful surges of electricity from its body. It can also aim the ice crystals and lightning it generates at certain targets. Finally, it can channel the Dragon element throughout its body to enhance the power of its physical attacks.


Sapphire Alatreon, like normal Alatreon, are very territorial and very aggressive.


Sapphire Alatreon are encountered in the Sacred Land and Ingle Isle.


In-Game Information

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Aptly named Burning Blue Dragons, these creatures are rightfully feared across the world. Having better control over their elemental powers, this relative of Alatreon is said to be capable of bringing the apocalypse.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Glitter Dragon
  • Family: Unknown
  • Species: Alatreon

A Subspecies of Alatreon

Habitat Range

In the New World, Sapphire Alatreon are said to live in Sacred Land. Sapphire Alatreon is also said to travel to the Ingle Isle of the Old World.

Ecological Niche

Sapphire Alatreon live isolated from all other monsters, though one can assume that these Elder Dragons could easily assert themselves as top predators.

Biological Adaptations

Sapphire Alatreon are named so due to its deep blue scales. However, these scales are actually white and only appear blue because of due to them reflecting light. Thes scales very smooth and are warm to the touch. They have better control over their elemental powers, capable of harnessing any element when on the ground or in the air, unlike Alatreon which can only use Dragon-element and Fire-element attacks on the ground, and uses Ice-element and Thunder-element attacks hen in the air. Interestingly, Sapphire Alatreon can create blue fire, indicating the flames it produces are much hotter than standard Alatreon's. In addition, Sapphire Alatreon can produce a blue powder made from its wing scales that eventually detonate when latched onto a target. They even possess an extremely strong poison, which can be released from its mouth at will and often whipped into a thick cloud by the dragon's wings. The size of its wings along with its natural agility make it an adept flier; it can attack from the air with incredible speed and power.


Sapphire Alatreon are said to be capable of destroying the world.


  • Unlike Alateon, Sapphire Alatreon is capable of using any element regardless of whether or not is it on the ground or in the air. It is also equally weak to all elements (except Water).
  • The front claws and both horns can be broken, its wings can be damaged and the tail can be severed for two extra carves.
    • The tail can be severed at any level of health.
  • Sapphire Alatreon's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.

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