Sandstone Ukanlos
Sandstone Ukanlos by Ukanlos Subspecies
Titles King of the Sands, God of the Desert
Nicknames The Incarnation of Ukanlos_Subspecies, Sandstone Uka, Brown Uka
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern (Pseudowyvern)
Habitats Dunes, Sand's Heart
Size Very Large
Relatives Odibatorasu, Ukanlos
Signature Move Sand Pyramids
Elements Element Wind Element Light
Ailments Status Stun Severe Windblight
Weaknesses Element Dragon Element Ice
Creator Ukanlos Subspecies

The Sandstone Ukanlos is an ultra rare relative of Ukanlos that has evolved to thrive in the baking deserts, where it lives under the sand dunes.


Sandstone Ukanlos
Sandstone Ukanlos Icon by Chaoarren A rare genus of Ukanlos that thrives in the hottest and most brutal of environments. It is currently enveloped in a shroud of questions.

Due to taking a slightly different evolutionary path to that of the regular Ukanlos, Sandstone Ukanlos have noticeable changes in body structure and colour. Sandstone Ukanlos, due to swimming in deep sand and enduring the blazing glare of the sun's rays, have golden brown scales and rock hard shells. They have an increased number of blade - like spikes on their backs that are also longer and thicker than their ice - dwelling relatives. Their spiked chest shell is also very large in comparison to that of the normal Ukanlos, presumably due to grinding through hard rock underground, which is also the reason for the discolouration on some of its scales and shells. Also, unlike Ukanlos, which have a second row of razor sharp teeth after the plated row of teeth, Sandstone Ukanlos instead have a square shaped, and jagged second row of teeth, because of its diet of desert ore. They are also slightly smaller in size compared to the normal Ukanlos.

When enraged, the shells on its forearms will glow white, and a small wind aura envelops its upper body.


Sandstone Ukanlos are in the same family as the regular Ukanlos, but belong to a different genus; being more closely related to the Odibatorasu, another desert - dwelling Pseudowyvern. Sandstone Ukanlos have no changes in behaviour to that of the Ukanlos; showing fierce aggression and savagery to any monster or hunter that enters their territory. When calm however, these creatures like to sleep on the top of high cliffs to bask in the sun. They also eat 100 tons of desert ore (found underground) everyday to maintain their bulk.


Sandstone Ukanlos have evolved to use the Light element, capable of using powerful gleams from its eyes to stun hunters. Sandstone Ukanlos can also manipulate the Wind element with devastating power and skill. In fact, its mastery of the wind element is so great, it can use its mind to conjure powerful gusts of wind out of thin air, which then stir up the sands of the area, creating massive shapes made of sand. It can also manipulate the wind element to swirl underground, causing vast pillars of rock and sand to rise up to the surface.


Sandstone Ukanlos is capable of using a wide range of digging attacks, wind element and light element attacks and powerful physical moves. Apart from new attacks, they possess most of Akantor's and Ukanlos's attacks, and even some of Odibatorasu's physical attacks, like the claw swipe move or the sand wave attack. It is also capable of using the shovel - like shell on its chin as a hammer to smash the ground, sending giant clouds of sand to damage hunters. Sandstone Ukanlos, like the Akantor, can fire a devastating wind tunnel from its mouth.

Attack Rarity Damage Description

Near - Very Common

Far - N/A

Moderate - High Sandstone Ukanlos rears back for a brief moment then bites in front of it, while slightly moving forward.
Sand Swipe Common High Sandstone Ukanlos raises its right claw in the air, then sweeps the area in front of it in a massive arc.
Double Sand Swipe Rage Only Very High Sandstone Ukanlos growls for a few moments while rearing up on its hind legs and raising both its arms. After a short pause, it sweeps the area in front of it with its right claw, then with its left, before landing back on all fours.
Massive Claw Slam

Calm - Uncommon

Enraged - Common

Extremely High

(Moderate if hit by the sand explosion)

Sandstone Ukanlos will take a step back, suddenly raising its left claw in the air for a few seconds, before slamming it down hard on the ground, causing a gigantic explosion of sand that throws hunters high up in the air. 

The whole area shudders to this attack, causing a Global Tremor that is felt in all areas.

Tail Swipe Very Common High Sandstone Ukanlos will lean to the right while raising its tail. It then brings its tail down to the ground and sweeps it to the side in a massive arc.
Triple Tail Swipe Rage Only Very High - Extremely High

Sandstone Ukanlos will lean to the right while raising its tail. It then brings its tail down to the ground and sweeps the area to its side in a massive arc, before lifting its tail again while slightly turning, then sweeping its tail again two more times.

Sandstone Ukanlos will have turned a total of 300 degrees over the course of the three swipes.

Leap Common High Sandstone Ukanlos will firmly plant its forelegs on the ground one by one, before rearing back for a very brief moment, then leaping a huge distance forwards.
Body Slam Uncommon High Sandstone Ukanlos will rear up on its hind legs, then drop down on its stomach, causing tremors around it.
Heave Uncommon High -Very High Sandstone Ukanlos will take small steps forward will lowering its chin shovel. After a small delay, it will abruptly swing its head up, causing sand and rocks to fly up in the air, damaging hunters they land on.
Chin Slam

Calm - Rare

Enraged - Uncommon

Very High Sandstone Ukanlos will raise its head, then smash its chin shovel down over its target hunter.
Dig Very Common High Sandstone Ukanlos will dig underground, flinging sand and rocks up into the air with its forelegs.
Resurface After the Dig; Common Very High Sandstone Ukanlos resurfaces below its target.
Digging Charge

After the Dig; Calm - Uncommon

Enraged - Very Common

Very High - Extremely High

Sandstone Ukanlos will resurface its upper body and forelegs, before terrfyingly charging at its target hunter.

This charge can last up to 15 seconds and Sandstone Ukanlos homes in on its target accurately.

Quicksand to Rising Bite After the Dig; Rage Only Extremely High - Fatal

After going underground, small quakes will be felt and tremors will shake surrounding hunters. A sudden explosion of sand occurs on a very wide, circular area where Sandstone Ukanlos has dug into, revealing an enormous whirlpool slowly forming in the sand. Hunters can fall into the sand very quickly but they can try to climb out. After about 7 seconds, a heavy quake will be felt and heard as Sandstone Ukanlos violently bursts out of the center of the whirlpool, throwing hunters that are hit extremely high up in air, leaving them in for a fatal fall.

Underground Wind Tunnel

After the Dig; Calm - Uncommon

Enraged - Common

Very High After Sandstone Ukanlos digs underground, heavy quakes will be felt and heard for a few seconds. A violent Wind Tunnel is then fired by Sandstone Ukanlos from underground to the surface, usually aiming under its target.
Resurfacing Wind Tunnel After the Dig; Common Very High

Sandstone Ukanlos resurfaces its upper body, its mouth wide open for a few moments, before it fires a wind tunnel in a straight line. It fully resurfaces afterwards.

Giant Sand Cube Uncommon Very high - Extremely High Sandstone Ukanlos will manipulate the wind element to stir up enormous amounts of sand and bring them into the air, forming a humongous cube of sand that floats high in the air for a few seconds. Sandstone Ukanlos then brings the sand cube down hard on the ground, causing a violent explosion of sand and wind.
Giant Sand Ball Rage Only Fatal

Sandstone Ukanlos manipulates the wind element to create a swirling mass of sand in front of itself that slowly drags in hunters in the vicinity. Sandstone Ukanlos shapes the sand into a massive ball (similar to this), trapping hunters inside. Sandstone Ukanlos then rears up on its hind legs and crushes the ball of sand between its claws, killing any hunters trapped in the sphere.

If no hunters are dragged into the mass, then the sand ball will not form and Sandstone Ukanlos will collapse, allowing a little time to attack.

Sand Tsunami

(Gaara reference intended)

Near - N/A

Far - Uncommon

Very Far - Very Common


Sandstone Ukanlos will raise its head for a few seconds, then bring it down whilst firing a wind tunnel directly at the sand in front of it, causing a massive tidal wave of sand to burst and travel forward in a 180 degree arc.

Sand Pyramids Rage Only High - Very High

Sandstone Ukanlos will manipulate the wind element to send massive gusts of wind from under the sand to burst, causing several massive pyramids of sand and rock to erupt into the surface.

A total of 15 Pyramids will burst out of the sand, over the course of 30 seconds. During this period of time, Sandstone Ukanlos can perform other moves.

Sand Spears

Calm - Rare

Enraged - Common

Moderate - High Sandstone Ukanlos will manipulate the wind element to whip up sand and form large, drill - like spikes in the air. These spikes will quickly fly towards different targets after a few moments.

Sand Showers

(Gaara reference intended)

Common Moderate Sandstone Ukanlos will cause a huge amount of sand to rise up around itself using the wind element. The sand is then shaped into 50 individual spheres that orbit Sandstone Ukanlos. These spheres will target random hunters at random moments and then fly towards them at lightning speed, making them extremely annoying and almost impossible to dodge or block.
Wind Tunnel 1 Common Very High Sandstone Ukanlos will plant both of its forelegs firmly on the ground as it rears back for a brief moment. It then brings its head forward to fire an enormous wind tunnel in a straight line.
Wind Tunnel 2 Uncommon Very High

Sandstone Ukanlos will plant both of its forelegs firmly on the ground as it raises its head for a short pause. It then brings its head down whilst firing a humongous wind tunnel right at its target hunter.

As it brings its head down, Sandstone Ukanlos will turn to constantly face its target.

Blinding Light Uncommon Sandstone Ukanlos will rear up on its hind legs while pointing its head up. Its eyes begin to glow, and after a few seconds, a huge flash of light emits from its eyes, stunning any hunter around a big radius.
Blinding Sand Cube Rage Only Very High - Extremely High Sandstone Ukanlos will rear up on its hind legs and form a sand cube in the air using the wind element. However, as it is being formed, a flash of light can be seen from Sandstone Ukanlos's eyes, causing a small sphere of light to form inside the sand cube, which is only briefly visible as it gets stored inside the cube. When the cube is brought down to the ground, it causes an explosion of wind, sand and rocks. It also causes the cube to burst into a huge pillar of light that stuns hunters inside it.
Blinding Sand Spheres Rage Only  High Sandstone Ukanlos flashes light from its eyes and forms 10 light spheres in the air over the course of 10 seconds (The places where they form will be random), enveloping each light sphere with a sand sphere. The spheres then explode into a massive flash of light after a few more seconds, stunning hunters around it.
Roar 1st sight / Transition into Rage mode High - If standing close Sandstone Ukanlos rears up on its hind legs and roars loudly for a few moments, dropping back down on all fours afterward.


  • Its chin shovel, claws and back can be broken. Its tail can be scarred then cut.
  • Sandstone Ukanlos will eat any barrel bombs that have been dragged down into its Quicksand attack.
    • ​The bombs explode inside it, stunning it for a few seconds.
  • Sandstone Ukanlos digs when leaving to another area.


  • This page was brought over from OldFanon by Chaoarren (with some very minor changes) in memorium to the creator of it, UkanlosSubspecies, who had to quit due to real life issues.

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