Titles Cactus Wyvern
Nicknames Sabo
General Info
Species Chloro Wyvern
Habitats Desert, Dunes, Old Desert, Sandy Plains
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Stored Water Blast
Elements Element Water Water
Ailments Element Water Waterblight
Weaknesses Element Thunder Thunder
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Sabogon (ダイグラクタス, Daigurakutasu) is a Rooted Wyvern.


Sabogon is a large, green, bipedal Rooted Wyvern with large wings shaped like thistle leaves. It has a pair of glaring, pale yellow eyes. Sabogon has a blunt snout, bearing a maw with no discernible teeth; instead, small fang-like protrusions sprout from its jaws. Its body is covered in yellow spines. These spines protrude from its body, wings, tail, feet, and head. There is a series of dark green, rhomboid scutes running across its belly. It stands on a pair of stocky, wide-set legs that end in feet with dark green spikes claws in a five-pointed star. On the tip of its tail is a spiky, yellow, ovular club reminiscent of a pineapple.


Sabogon has water stored in its body. It can shoot this water with both accuracy and power, being able to blast through solid rock. On its wings and tail are spines that can be thrown at attackers.


Sabogon is a nocturnal creature that rarely moves during the day, which allows it to hold in moisture. At night, it becomes active and wanders the desert until daytime.


Sabogon inhabits the Desert, Dunes, and Sandy Plains.



Chloro Wyverns that resemble giant cactuses when idle. Their bodies are covered in sharp spines that offer protection from attackers. They store water in their bodies and remain still to retain moisture.


  • Order: Caryophyllales
  • Suborder: Chloro Wyvern
  • Infraorder: True Plant Wyvern
  • Superfamily: Cactus Wyvern
  • Family: Sabo

Sabogon is a member of the Rooted Wyvern class.

Habitat Range

Sabogon is best suited for arid regions such as the Desert, Dunes, and Sandy Plains. It is unable to live anywhere else.

Ecological Niche

Sabogon is an oddity in the food chain. Being a Chloro Wyvern, its main predators are herbivores such as Diablos, Monoblos, and Rust Duramboros. Other than the aforementioned herbivores, it has no other predators and does not feed on prey due to its nature as a Chloro Wyvern.

Biological Adaptations

Sabogon stores moisture in its body, allowing it to go up to 30 days without any water. Like normal cacti, it performs photosynthesis at night, which is when it becomes active. It can also use the stored moisture to shoot pressurized blasts of liquid at attackers. The spines on its body can be thrown at attackers in a fashion similar to Seregios and Toridcless. The growth on its tail is said to give off an enticing scent. However, this aroma can quickly change to a repulsive odor to deter predators.


Sabogon is a nocturnal creature and is completely inactive during the daytime. Only during the night does it roam in the desert until the sun rises. What it does during these brief periods of activity are unknown.


  • Sabogon is based on a cactus, possibly the saguaro, combined with a dragon.
  • Its name is a combination of 仙人掌 saboten (cactus) and dragon.
  • Sabogon shares similarities with Espinas.
  • Its head, back, and wings can be broken and its tail can be severed and carved.
  • When tired it will not be able to shoot water and will drink water to regain stamina.

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