The Ruined Temple is a temple that was created in ancient times to worship the gods, but a large flood caused the temple to sink beneath the waves. Now almost completely filled with water, powerful monsters make their home here.


  • Base Camp: The Base Camp is located on a ship. The northern exit leads to Area 1.
  • Area 1: Area 1 is located on a diagonal sand bank. The northern exit leads you underwater and to Area 2. Jumping down a small hole in the east is a one-way jump to Area 3. The southern exit takes you back to the Base Camp.
  • Area 2: Area 2 is simply a large underwater section. Going south takes you back to Area 1. Going east takes you to Area 5. Swimming up north takes you to Area 6.
  • Area 3: Area 3 is a small cave with a pile of sand at one end. The only way is northeast and this takes you to Area 4.
  • Area 4: Another small cave. In the northwest is a patch of water that takes you to Area 5. In the northeast is a crack in the rock that leads inside the underwater temple, Area 8. Heading south takes you back to Area 3.
  • Area 5: Area 5 is an underwater section smaller than Area 2. The northern part is a broken wall which leads into the temple and the area carries on in there. Heading north takes you to Area 7. Heading west takes you back to Area 2, heading south takes you back to Area 4.
  • Area 6: Area 6 is on the surface of the water. Half of the area is in the water and the eastern half is on a bit of roof of the temple. Heading southwest takes you back to Area 2. Heading though a window in the east is a one-way jump to Area 9.
  • Area 7: Area 7 is a large underwater hall area of the temple, where many of the monsters can be found. Heading south takes you to back to Area 5, heading up northeast takes you to Area 9.
  • Area 8: Area 8 is a winding series of corridors within the temple. One path takes you back to Area 4, while another path has the Veggie Elder and the final major one leads you up to Area 10.
  • Area 9: Area 9 is another hall within the temple but not underwater this time. Heading northeast takes you to Area 8, heading northwest takes you to Area 7.
  • Area 10: A large section of roof on the very top of the temple, where monsters will often go to rest. Heading down stairs in the southeast takes you back to Area 8. A one-way jump to the southwest takes you to back Area 5. Another one-way jump to the west takes you back to Area 6.


Small: Epioth, Tuna, Molid, Sharq, Jellyfish, Ludroth.

Large: Plesioth, Gobul, Lagiacrus, Abyssal Lagiacrus, Royal Ludroth, Ceadeus, Voluron, Tsunami Voluron, Tidecaller Voluron, Gesorostas.


  • Credit for the entire description of the area itself goes to ThumbThumb.
  • Feel free to use this area in your game, add your own monsters or correct mistakes. Just make sure to ask first.

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