Royal Mariellidae
Royal Mariellidae by Setheo
Titles Spotted Bug Lord
Nicknames Spot, Kingbug
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Polar Field, Frigid Castle, Tower 3, Forlorn Arena, Arctic Ridge, Heavens Mount, Sanctuary, Colossal Cliff, Glittering Falls, Alpine Peaks, Frozen Cliffs, Royal Forest
Size Medium
Relatives Mariellidae, Dune Mariellidae
Signature Move Dragon cloud Slide, Dragon Tornado
Elements Element Dragon Dragon, Element Kanade Kanade
Ailments Status Defense Down Defense Down
Element DragonDragonblight
Element WaterWaterblight
Element IceIceblight
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire, Element Thunder Thunder
Creator ThumbThumb, Setheo

Due of being on the top of the food chain the Royal Mariellidae is known as one of the strongest Neopterons in many regions. It is the rare subspecies of Mariellidae and lives in many secluded areas. Since this neopteron doesn't seem to have many or any natural enemies it is in fact quite peaceful.


Despite being it so powerful this Mariellidae Species is rather peaceful. It only engages into battle when being attacked. It is often even seen how it intrudes other species habitats with a relaxed behaviour and ignoring other minor threats. Also due to its size it often just needs to display its horns and shake with those around in front of other creatures that dare to threat it, to scare them away.

Although this Neopteron likes to wander around the world for no good reason, it aims more for colder areas but will also be seen in hot areas. The only area it avoids is the Volcano and the Ocean. Researches have seen how there have been some young Royal Mariellidae trying to fly over the ocean and drop into it as the don't seem to have the stamina to fly long distances. Also the don't seem to like great heat as some creatures are seen how they more or less explode due to high temperatures.

Sometimes when theses creatures encounter each other they will often display vivid colours on their legs and stomp on the ground with their legs. If that doesn't work out they'll go into a battle where the clash their horns and try to push up the other to the toss it away.

In Game Information

Royal Mariellidae
Royal Mariellidae Icon by Narwhaler The Royal Mariellidae is a powerful Neopteron that can be found flying above almost anywhere and at great distances yet avoids volcanoes and seas. Due to it's great power, it has little to no enemies and is thus quite peaceful. Make sure you're prepared before engaging it in battle.


One of it's greatest ability is to go invisible as also to control the dragon element. Scouts have found out that species whom's horns are broken aren't able to control the dragon element and get more or less consumed by that power from the inside, also species with broken horns are not able to go invisible anymore.

The Horn on the tip of the head is said to control the Dragon element inside of it, breaking that horn will drastically weaken all its dragon attacks and subdue even most of its attacks. Breaking the horns on the side will prevent it to go invisible, though both horns must be broken in order to see it completely.

Also it is well known that this Neopteron is able to summon Dracophage bugs for his aid. He will use those bugs to either shield himself, launch attacks or even improve some of his attacks.

Aside from the Dragon Element it is also able to control Water and Ice, which are being controlled with the horns above its eyes. Breaking those will make it stop using various attacks.

Berserker Mode

This Ability will only activate when the first horn is broken. When doing so it will use more brute attacks and use reckless moves. The more horns you break the stronger brute attacks get.

Rage/Tired State

Rage: When enraged, any attacks that would've caused paralysis now cause Dragonblight.

Tired: When tired, the Mariellidae cannot perform any liquid based attacks or Dragon based attacks. Also it will not go invisible in this state.


Lunar Revel 2017 Login Screen Animation Theme Intro Music Song Official League of Legends-0

Lunar Revel 2017 Login Screen Animation Theme Intro Music Song Official League of Legends-0


  • Charge: The Royal Mariellidae will lower its head a bit and dash forward to a hunter. At the end of the dash it tilts its horns up and throws a chunk of earth (or any other terrain chunks) behind itself.
  • Accelerated Charge: Same as Charge but while doing so it will break up the ground and causing chunks of earth (or any other terrain chunks) to fly around. Also the speed in that attack is almost doubled and the damage is greater.
  • Claw Pound: The Royal Mariellidae will raise one of it's larger legs and slam it to the ground causing and explosion of Dragonblight or Water/Ice. In rage mode this attack causes tremors and will break up the ground.
  • Ground Toss: With one of its legs the Royal Mariellidae will hurl a large chunk of earth (or any other terrain chunks) toward any hunter.
  • Earth Shatter:One of the large legs of the Royal Mariellidae will be jabbed into the ground with great force causing a wide area to break up and causing a long tremor, while pulling out the leg it will have some earth on its legs which will be something like a shield. Hunters have to break the earth armor first in order to do damage to the legs.
  • Triple Ground Toss:The Royal Mariellidae will hurl three chunks of earth (or any other terrain chunks) to any hunter, in rage mode it will do this attack twice in a row with increased speed.
  • Spin:The Royal Mariellidae will slide in a circle in a similar manner to Lagombi and will cause the earth to break will doing so.
  • Accelerated Spin: Same as Spin but with more speed and the damage is greater. Also by doing this attack it will turn invisible at the end of the spin.
  • Turn Slam: The Royal Mariellidae will first slam one of its arms to the ground causing a tremor and then stretch out its bigger arms to make a turn attack causing smaller chunks of earth to be tossed around.
  • Sneaky Horn Attack: Same as Charge but it will be invisible at the start while lowering the head, and while performing the attack it will go invisible. At the end of the Horn Attack it will then do a flip backwards into the air.
  • Poke: A random poke with one of its front claws that will trip hunters.
  • Stabbing: A stronger version of the poke that deals more damage and will throw the hunter a bit back or into the air.
  • Dragon Spin:The Royal Mariellidae will slide in a circle in a similar manner to Lagombi and will release the dragon element by doing so. the earth where it did the spin is infected by the dragon element and does dragonblight when stepping on it.
  • Ice Spin: Same as Dragon Spin but just with the Ice Element. While doing that attack, Icicles will appear from the ground where it did that spin, also touching the ground will inflict Iceblight.
  • Water Spin:Same as Dragon Spin but just with the Water Element. While doing this attack it will create hurl orbs of water around which will stay for a while and then exploding. Anyone near the orbs or on the ground where it did that spin will be inflicted with the Waterblight. The water orbs also do minor damage.
  • Dragon Tornado:The Royal Mariellidae will slide in a circle in a similar manner to Lagombi but three times in a row and will cause a vortex throwing the hunters near it. At the same time it will create a Tornado with this and injects the dragon element into the Tornado.
  • Dragon Cloud Spin: The Royal Mariellidae will slide in a circle in a similar manner to Lagombi and create while doing so clouds of dragon element that will stay for a while.
  • Summoning: The Royal Mariellidae will summon Dracophage bugs around it from the earth and the sky. Up to 6-9 Bugs will be summoned and will fly around the Royal Mariellidae.
  • Meat Shield: When hunters try to hit the Royal Mariellidae the Dracophage bugs will instead cover the area that was attacked and take the damage, after a certain amount they will explode and cause a small explosion of the dragon element causing dragonblight.
  • Ice Claw Pound: The Royal Mariellidae will cover its legs with a layer of ice and stomp on the ground causing tremors and breaking up the earth. The earth it touches freezes and will hurl out ice chunks around the leg.
  • Water Orbs: Water Orbs will be placed around the area which inflict Waterblight, also if the hunter gets too close to the orbs he/she will be drawn into the water orb (Pin animation will be activated here). Hunters will have to free themselves, while doing so they lose a lot of stamina as also some health.
  • Ice Orb: Same as Water Orb but the hunter will be frozen instead, also it will only inflict Iceblight.
  • Ice Wall: The Royal Mariellidae will create a wall of ice in order to protect itself. It can them hurl the wall at hunters or break down the wall and cause ice chunks to fly around.
  • Snow Roar: The Royal Mariellidae will make a screeching sound that will make it start to snow. After a while the floor will be covered in snow and all its normal attack will cause Iceblight additionally, also water attacks will turn into Kanade element.
  • Rain Summon: Same as Snow Roar but it will summon rain. Also the walking speed of hunters is reduced a bit.
  • Bouncing: The Royal Mariellidae will jump on a wall, Tower or any other obstacle and use it to launch itself toward a hunter.
  • Bodyslam: The Royal Mariellidae will fly up into the air for a bit and then let itself drop to the floor causing a quake.
  • Heavy Bodyslam: Same as Bodyslam but the quake will be greater also earth chunks will be tossed into the air.
  • Dragon Inflicted Bomb: The Royal Mariellidae will create a dragon Tornado and create a great wind pressure to keep hunters away, while doing that it will dig all its legs half mid into the ground and start flying up, by doing so it will start dragging a huge chunk of earth that is infected with the dragon element out of the ground, when high enough in the air it will drop the chunk and then jump into the tornado and fly around. The infected earth chunk will do an AOE attack and has a very wide range. It will also create a tidal-wave of dragon element going in all directions. This attack does a lot of damage and may KO hunter with too low defense very easily.
  • Sneak Attack: While invisible it will leap forward a hunter and try to pin him/her down.
  • Swift Turn: The Royal Mariellidae will side step very fast and turn invisible here and there while doing so. After side stepping it will launch an attack with one of its arms and will try to sweep the hunter away.
  • Sneaky Slash:While invisible it will leap into the air toward a hunter, half mid in the air it will become visible and fling one its claws down toward a hunter. When landing it will cause tremors.
  • Sneaky Tornado:The Royal Mariellidae will slide in a circle in a similar manner to Lagombi but at the end of the slide it will turn invisible and cause a small tornado which it will push toward any hunter. It will follow that tornado.
  • Icy Tornado: Same as Sneaky Tornado but with a tornado inflicted with the ice element.
  • Watery Tornado: Same as Sneaky Tornado but with a tornado inflicted with the water element.
  • All-out Tornado: The Royal Mariellidae will slide in a circle in a similar manner to Lagombi multiple times and create a huge Tornado which will have Dragon, Ice and Water element. Creating this tornado will cause a vortex and draw any hunter in the area near to it. After a while the Tornado will split up into three single element based tornadoes and go through the area.
  • Bug Swarm Tornado: Same as All-out Tornado but the tornado is filled with Dracophage bugs.
  • Bug Swarm launch: The Royal Mariellidae will launch the bugs at hunters similar to Stygian Zinogre.
  • Bug Bombs: The Royal Mariellidae will summon all the Dracophage bugs into one huge Orb and then hurl it toward a hunter, the bugs will start chasing the hunter for a while before exploding.
  • Enforcement: The Royal Mariellidae will cover itself in Ice or a shroud of Dragon element. Attacks that share the same element as the enforced body parts deal more damage.
  • Ice Toss: After creating a Orb of Ice it will hurl it at a hunter.
  • Water Toss:After creating a Orb of water it will hurl it at a hunter.
  • Dragon Canon: The Royal Mariellidae will slide in a circle in a similar manner to Lagombi and create a large tornado, this tornado will cause a wind barrier and knock hunters back that come too close, while doing this the Royal Mariellidae will summon all the Dracophage bugs above its head and concentrate the dragon element on the tip it if horn. It will then release a wide ranged dragon element beam through the whole area.


Material Description
Eye Icon White Emperor Eye The gazing eye of a Royal Mariellidae. It has seen the world several times over.
Monster Parts Icon Green R.Mari Cortex The incredibly tough shell of a Royal Mariellidae. Made to resist even the coldest of temperatures.
Wing Icon Light Green R.Mari Razorwings The fine wing carved free from a Royal Mariellidae. It can fly even the farthest of distances.
Medicine Icon Blue Monster Essence A broth made from only the thickest, choicest parts of a monster's juices. Gross?
Mantle Icon Light Green Royal Gem A precious gem formed within a Royal Mariellidae. It's colours makes those who see it gasp in awe.
Horn Icon Black Royal Hardhorn The horn of a Royal Mariellidae. It is the source of the Neopterons immeasurable power.


  • Each Horn can be broken (total of 5)
  • While doing any slide attacks, damage done to Royal Mari is doubled.
  • Scouts have seen how these neopterons have travelled thousands of kilometres.
    • Researchers assume that these Neopterons are searching for partners and thus wandering.
    • Old tribes say though that they are searching for a worthy enemy to fight to the death.
  • In old forest temples there are pictures of these bugs flying above castles and mountains.