Rhizolos by Nrex117
Titles Muck Bitters
Nicknames Swamp Stalkers
General Info
Species Amphibian
Habitats Old Swamp, Swamp, and Flooded Forest
Size Small
Relatives Rhizodrome
Signature Move none
Elements none
Ailments Element Water Waterblight, and Poison
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Creator Nrex117


Rhizolos are small monsters that swim in the thick mud and muck of the swamp looking for prey and carrion even constantly patrolling the muddy waters of their territory for food.

{{{Monster Name}}}
{{{Monster Icon}}} Carnivorous monsters that inhabit the swamps and muddy waters. Rhizolos always travel in schools and will follow large monsters in attempt to scavenge from kills.



Order:Rhizodontidae - Suborder: Muck Swimmers - Family: Rhizolos.

Habitat Range

They evolved to swim in the thick muddy waters of the Swamps so can't survive in any other areas.

Ecological Niche

Rhizolos feed on small animals like frogs and fish but will swim in muck to sneak and prey on weak or sick animals but these predators are far from the top of the food chain being preyed on by larger swamp predators.

Biological Adaptations

They have the ability to swim through thick mud that most creatures can't handle, and have very primitive limbs that they use to crawl on the ground to move from muck pool to muck pool.