Rhizodrome by Nrex117
Titles Dirt Jaws
Nicknames Mud Mouth
General Info
Species Amphibian
Habitats Old Swamp, Swamp, and Flooded Forest
Size 1808.10 cm - 4693.15 cm
Relatives Rhizolos
Signature Move Muck Stream
Elements Water
Ailments Waterblight, Muddy, Poison
Weaknesses Ice
Creator Nrex117
{{{Monster Icon}}} Amphibians that have adapted to live in muddy areas. They burrow beneath the swamp and ambush prey from underneath.


They are capable of burrowing into the thick mud to ambush prey from below. It can swim in the mud just like how Niblesnarf can swim through sand. It has large powerful jaws filled with two rows of razor sharp fangs and teeth that it uses to devour prey.


It has the ability to use a "Muck Stream" attack by means of a specialized organ that expels mud and water at high speeds to stop prey from escaping and deterring predators. It is also known to eat anything placed in front of it be it meat or bomb.



Order:Rhizodontidae - Suborder: Muck Swimmers - Family: Rhizolos.

Habitat Range

They evolved to swim in the thick muddy waters of the Swamps so can't survive in any other areas.

Ecological Niche

They are around the middle of the food chain preying on anything smaller then themselves even their own kind.

Biological Adaptations

They have the ability to swim through thick mud that most creatures can't handle, and have very strong fore-limbs that they use to crawl on the ground to move from muck pool to muck pool.


Rhizodrome scale

Rhizodrome Fang

Rhizodrome Fin

Rhizodrome Shell

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