Titles Baron of Waste
Nicknames Raz, Lazarutor
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Erebus Waste
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Hellflame Ring
Elements Element Blaze
Ailments Severe Fireblight Status Dragonblight

Status Bleeding Status Blastblight (Indirect)

Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator YukiHerz

The Razoratoru is a powerful Leviathan that inhabits the Erebus Waste, can only be fought with Special Permits, like Deviants, but isn't a Deviant and is unrelated to Agnaktor.


Visually it is similar to an unarmored Agnaktor, featuring a taller and sharper beak and powerful, developed forearms and larger fins.

Its body is dark red/brown in color, while its fins and beak are crimson red, it doesn't have eyes, instead it has sensory organs similar to those of Gigginox, green in color, these organs are highly resistant and even high sharpness weapons will bounce, unless they utilize Thunder Element.

When enraged, its back fins start pulsating with a red light, almost to the rhythm of a heart beat, and its sensory organs turn blue, it also has a tendency to keep its tail up like a scorpion when enraged, though it hardly uses it as a weapon.


Razoratoru Icon
The Razoratoru is a powerful Leviathan that inhabits the darkest places of the Erebus Waste, requiring Special Permits to be allowed to hunt it.

The Razoratoru is a solitary monster, it preys on herbivores that wander into its caves to shelted from the dangerous slime flowing around the Erebus Waste, unlike most monsters found in the area, it does not live in or use slime, but it can swim on it.


The Razoratoru can "swim" on compressed volcanic ash, much like a Cephalos can swim in the sand, it has all fighting abilities of Agnaktor, amplified with the usage of Blaze element, but unlike other monsters that utilize Blaze, its fire is green.

Unique attacks to this monster include a 180° Blaze Laser Sweep, a 360° sweep when enraged, a packed punch and a double tail sweep, sometimes when doing certain attacks on certain areas, highly pressurized slime will come out of the ground, this does not happen if fought outside the Erebus Waste in certain quests.

When enraged, its melee attacks may also inflict bleeding.


  • Its name comes Lazarus, Agunakotoru and Razor.
  • While being visually similar to Agnaktor, it has no actual biological relationship, much like Unknown and Rathian.