Titles Water Parasite
Nicknames Rago
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Plagued Meadows, Moor
Size Average: 35,64 cm
Relatives Great Thunderbug
Signature Move Bite
Elements -
Ailments Status Life Drain Life Drain
Weaknesses Element Wind Wind
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Democide


Ragolon is a rather small Neopteron a bit bigger than the Great Thunderbug but hardly visible inside the water but when it appears in a swarm. The monster has a pitchblack body with shining lime edges which give it an eerie glow in the water. The legs have fan-like appendages that help it swim. The mandibles are big and strong.

Habitat and Ecology

A parasite living mainly in the lake of the Plagued Meadows but has populations outside of this area. It attacks bigger monsters in swarms and the infested monsters do everything to get rid of Ragolon.

Ragolon inhabits turbid lakes and rivers where it searches for livings it can leech on. While it appears in the Moor its main habitat is the Plagued Meadows. When the Neopteron doesn't search for a food source it usually is burrowed in the ground underwater. The monster is an ectoparasite that feeds on meat it bites off of a monster.

Ragolon usually live in swarms of around ten up to 300 individuals depending on the size of the water body. It attacks any bigger monster that it finds and searches for easy accessible spots where the monster has problems reaching. The smell of blood is very stimulating for Ragolon what makes it attack wounded individuals. The wounds themselves give the Neopteron also a good spot to easily bite off flesh.

In summer, Ragolons leave the waters apart from the lake in the Plagued Meadows to this exact lake to mate with each other. At this time hundredthousands of individual swim inside the lake attacking everything they find and trying to mate with the other sex. After this the females lay their eggs into the gills of fish. The larvae feed on the flesh around the gills damaging the fish's organ, yet rarely the fish die directly of this as the gills on the other side are still functioning but it gives it a big disadvantage for survival.


As Ragolon bites off meat from bigger monsters it inflicts the Life Drain status. Usually a swarm of this Neopteron attacks simultaneously dealing moderate damage to its victim.


The only attack Ragolon can perform is biting a victim to pull meat from them causing the Life Drain status.


  • The weakness is wind, then thunder.
  • To get rid of the Neopterons, you either leave the water, use an item made from nectar that distracts them or swim fast in the water by using the evade button. When a bigger monster, which has a wounded or damaged body part, appears in the same water area most Ragolons attack this monster rather than the hunter.
  • While only a few of them swim actively in the water outside of the summer, encounters are rare, quests in summer that require going into the lake in the Plagued Meadows require hunters to enter the water at their mating season, when hundredthousands of them swim in the water, making a encounter unavoidable.
  • When killed they shatter and leave shinies like Great Thunderbugs.


Ragolon Shell, Monster Fluid