Radiant Peak
Name Radiant Peak
Japanese Name 天体高原 (Celestial Plateau)
"A beautiful moonlit plateau that is constantly changed by Vermeledora. Cliffs are known to appear and disappear overnight. Who knows what the mountain could be hiding in it's highest reaches."
Area No. 1
Hazards Falling rocks from the top of the mountain, Breaking Cliffs, Lightning (Storm Season)
Small monsters None
Big monsters Vermeledora, Solstice Conquest War Vermeledora
Creator/s User:AviarTheAssassin and User:T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
Icon {{{Icon}}}
Climate Cool, very windy
Weather Storms (Storm Season), Snowfall (Cold Season)
Secret Areas None
Aquatic Areas None
Shortcuts None

The Radiant Peak is a beautifully moonlit area in Monster Hunter Zephyr where you fight Vermeledora. It was created by AviarTheAssassin and T1GREXHUNTER. It acts as a Boss Area, similar to Solitude Island or the Speartip Crag.

It is an area somewhat similar to the Misty Peaks, having many colorful trees, and even a grove of Cherry Blossom Trees at the base of the mountain.

Radiant Peaks Map

Lighter colors are ground, darker are cliffs.

Base Camp and Zones

Base Camp

The camp is set at the ancient gate to the Radiant Peak. If you look up far enough, you can see Vermeledora standing on top. The area is surrounded by colorful trees and a small pond.

Zone 1

This massive area has many cliffs that the hunters must fight Vermeledora on. To get around the five cliffs, the hunters must use Vermeledora’s body as a natural bridge. Many colorful trees surround the cliffs and the floor Vermeledora stands on.


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite White Fatalis Theme04:43

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite White Fatalis Theme


  • Cold Season
  • Storm Season
  • Solstice Season


Elder Dragons: Vermeledora, Solstice Conquest War Vermeledora


  • If hunters fight Vermeledora during the Cold Season, the ground will be layer with snow. This makes the area cold, and hinders the hunter’s movement.
  • If the hunter fight Vermeledora in the Storm Season, rain will make the rocks slick, making the hunters slip around occasionally. Lightning may strike the cliffs at times.
  • You will always fight a Solstice Conquest War Vermeledora in Solstice Season, which is the week of the Winter Solstice.
  • In the Cherry Blossum Tree grove below, hunters can see a strange creature literally teleport around the grove for a few seconds at one point in the quest.

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