Quartz Scolocade
Titles Crystal Centipede
Nicknames Quartz Scolo
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Jungle
Great Forest
Deserted Island
Flooded Forest
Heaven's Mount
Ancestral Steppe
Frozen Seaway
Jurassic Frontier
Arctic Ridge
Primal Forest
Sunken Hollow
Polar Sea
Abysmal Trench
Size 3018.19 cm
2582.92 cm
Relatives Scolocade
Deathcrawler Scolocade
Torrent Scolocade
Signature Move Mandible Attack, Crystallizing Beam
Elements None
Ailments Status Crystalization Crystallization
Status Noxious Poison Noxious Poison
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Quartz Scolocade (ドクムカデ亜種, Dokumukade Ashu) is a Subspecies of Scolocade.


Quartz Scolocade sports a white, crystalline exoskeleton protecting its bluish-green body. Its feelers, serrated mandibles, and legs are also white and are decorated with blue bands. Each segment on its body has a long blunt spine coming out of them on either side. Its compound eyes are a yellow color.


Quartz Scolocade can shoot out a high-pressure liquid at its enemies, causing them to be covered in crystals and lose all stamina. Quartz Scolocade can also produce more powerful venom which can now be secreted through its antennae along with its mandibles; a single prick from its sharp antennae can envenomate its victim.


Quartz Scolocade, like its black and red relative, is very aggressive. It will attack and consume anything that is not larger than itself. Even then, it is known to challenge larger predatory monsters.


Quartz Scolocade is known to inhabit the Ancestral Steppe, Deserted Island, Everwood, Frozen Seaway, Heaven's Mount, Jurassic Frontier, Arctic Ridge, Marshlands, Misty Peaks, Primal Forest, Sunken Hollow, Polar Sea, and the Tundra.


The prefix Quartz was chosen because it describes the monster's white, crystalline exoskeleton that resembles the mineral of the same name.



Quartz Scolocade
No available icon. A Subspecies of Scolocade with a vitreous exoskeleton not unlike crystals. Boasting even more potent venom and a long-ranged attack capable of coating enemies in tiring crystals, this long-bodied Neopteron is one of the top predators in its environment.


  • Order: Chilopoda
  • Family: Mukade

Quartz Scolocade is a Subspecies of Scolocade.

Habitat Range

Quartz Scolocade in the Old World have been seen living in the Ancestral Steppe, Everwood, Heaven's Mount, Frozen Seaway, Jurassic Frontier, Arctic Ridge, Marshlands, Primal Forest, Polar Sea, and the Sunken Hollow. In the New World they inhabit the Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Misty Peaks, and the Tundra.

Ecological Niche

Quartz Scolocade, like its black and red relative, is an opportunistic carnivore that will attack and consume anything that is not larger than itself. These include Rhenoplos, Popo, and Aptonoth. Other creatures like Velocidrome, Yian Kut-Ku, Kecha Wacha, or Arzuros may find themselves in risk of becoming prey. The known competitors of this giant insect consist of Zinogre, Gore Magala, Brachydios, Dinovaldo, Rajang, and Elder Dragons like Teostra. But with an incredibly tough exoskeleton, powerful grasping mandibles, deadly venom and sharp horn-like feelers, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Biological Adaptations

Quartz Scolocade possess a hard, tough exoskeleton that is similar to a crystal. This exoskeleton is made from highly calcified tissue, resulting in a crystalline substance. Quartz Scolocade also possess more potent venom that can kill small prey much faster. It can also inject this venom through its antennae, thanks to tubular venom glands located in its feelers. Quartz Scolocade can even shoot a high-pressure liquid that similar to the crystallizing fluid Akura Vashimu shoots from its tail. This liquid is formed from bodily fluids mixed with calcifying proteins.


This Neopteron is nervous and jumpy and may move rapidly if disturbed. It is very aggressive, feeding on almost everything it encounters that it can kill. They are known to employ unique strategies to catch airborne prey in which they can climb cave ceilings or tree branches and hold or manipulate their heavier prey with only a few legs attached to the ceiling/branch. During a fight, Scolocade will use its entire body to coil its enemies or prey with all its legs firmly attached to the body of the opponents. Scolocade will cut away at their prey when eating.


  • Other names for Quartz Scolocade included Crystal Scolocade and Glassy Scolocade.
  • When enraged, Quartz Scolocade's eyes turn bright green, and huffs white smoke.
  • The feelers on its head and rear can be broken along with the mandibles.
  • When low on stamina it will fail to poison the Hunter with its attacks and will not be able to shoot its crystallizing beam.
    • It will feed on carcasses to regain stamina.
  • Quartz Scolocade's roar requires Earplugs to block.