Qemys by Narwhaler
Titles Oar Turtle
Nicknames None
General Info
Species Herbivore
Habitats Southern Reef, Foaming Cliffs,
Mangrove Estuary
Size Small
Relatives None
Signature Move Headbutt
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator Narwhaler
Qemys are gentle and slow aquatic herbivores found in underwater areas.


Qemys are similar to turtles about the size of a Rhenoplos, they have a rigid shell which color varies depending on the habitat, normally being brown or greenish. While their front legs are short and help them to grab things, their hind legs are big and oar-like, they normally swim slowy, but can become quite fast in case of threat. Their neck is long and helps them to search for seafood or coral.


Qemys are completely aquatic, however, they have to go on land to lay eggs, just like real life turtles. They can be normally found in water zones with plenty of aquatic plants and algae, but they can feed on seafood and coral too. They swim slowly in search of food, normally ignoring other creatures. They aren't territorial nor agressive, and predators usually don't attack them due to its hard shell and Epioth being more worth. In case of great threat they will start swimming surprisingly fast and leave the area or bury in the bottom and rethreating their head into the shell. If bothered enough, they can sometimes attack with headbutts or bites.


Qemys Icon Gentle aquatic turtles found in diverse aquatic environments. They search for plants or seafood to eat, normally ignoring any threats. Their hard protection is a valuable material for equipment, while their meat is a typical dish in some coast villages.