Primeval Coastline Map by Nrex117
Primeval Coastline
Name Primeval Coastline
Japanese Name プライマル 海岸線
"A large ancient coastline that has one of the largest and oldest forests on the planet, this area is frequent to volcanic activity!"
Area No. 9 (for older games) Open world for newer ones
Hazards Earthquakes
Small monsters Aptonoth, Slagtoth, Larinoth, Velociprey, Maccao, Jagras, Bnahabra, Konchu, Corvolos
Big monsters Great Maccao, Velocidrome, Great Jagras, Arch Corvolos, Yian Kut Ku, Qurupeco, Volvidon, Tetsucabra, Anjanath, Abiorugu, Tigrex, Sicarapax, Duramboros, Ferrumos, Deviljho, Mikiragaan, Atroxlong
Creator/s Nrex117
Icon Primeval Coastline Area Icon by Nrex117
Climate Semi-tropical coastal wetlands.
Weather Daytime: Warm and muggy.

Nighttime: Wet and foggy.

Secret Areas N/A
Aquatic Areas N/A
Shortcuts None


A large ancient coastline that has one of the largest and oldest swamplands on the planet this area is frequent to volcanic activity and earthquakes. This is a land lost to time with ancient creatures lurking in the brush and murk, this area is teaming with primeval life and monsters.


The swamp forest is mainly composed of titanic Lepidodendron (scale trees) and Cyatheales (tree ferns) trees that make up most of the areas canopy. The ground is mainly covered in Lycopodiopsida (clubmoss) but patches of large Ferns, Equisetum plants and Lichen can also be found growing beneath the canopy in the few areas of dry soil. Most of the ground is wet and muddy with scattered pools of murky, algae filled, sludge like water that very in size. Due to the area being in an active volcanic region fallen trees and large stone outcrops are common.

Old Layout

Primal Coastline
  • Base Camp: Set on a cliff giving a large view of the coastline as large powerful waves crash into the base of the cliff in the distance a large volcanic island can be seen spouting smoke, there is a path that leads down a hill with the entrance to the next area being underneath a fallen redwood tree and another leading towards a felyne village.
  • Area 1: This area is a large feylne village where gathering points can be found, there is a waterfall in the background.
  • Area 2: This area is within an ancient village that the redwood forest has overgrown there are several gathering points in this area which include two mining spots, various herb spots, and a bug gathering point. No monsters spawn in this area and a hunter can chose two paths to take one leading to Area 5 and the other to area 3.
  • Area 3: This area is a large open beach with a cliff backdrop this is where herbivores like Larinoth spawn, and can be seen grazing on the Palm trees and shrubs that are able to grow in the soft sands and Ceanataur can also spawn in this zone, this area directly leads to area 4 multiple mining sites can be found here, this area is also where most aquatic monsters spawn.
  • Area 4: a zone located deep within the redwood forests with moss covered rocks in the area, this zone is hard to fight in due to the man sized ferns and horsetails that liter the ground this is a good place to find rare mushrooms and many neopteran monsters like konchu and vespoid can be found here.
  • Area 5: This area is where most of the large monsters spawn, it is a mix of beach and forest with fern trees and redwood trees growing near the cliff next to rare herb and insect gathering points, there is a ledge with ivy that the hunter can climb entering a cave leading to area 9 and a trail leading to area 2 and another leading to area 6, the water is used by various aquatic monsters to travel between areas this is the most forested area on the map and is the largest area in the map.
  • Area 6: This area is the nest of the smaller monsters and items like bones and such can be gathered here, most large monsters also come here to rest it is a very large canyon like are that leads directly to area 7 which is a large entrance.
  • Area 7: This area is a large cave that has waterfall in the leftmost corner and a fishing spot can be found the little ponds feeds a stream that runs across the cave floor entering a larger stream on the rightmost side or the cavern following the path will lead to area 8 multiple mining sights can be found here and most monsters fond of caves spawn here.
  • Area 8: This large open cave is the second largest area in the map and has an opening on the roof of the cave that allows flying monsters to enter this area has many ledges to leap up and down from and several fern trees and ferns growing within. There is a large crystal like growth on the furthest wall that rare account items can be gathered from. Multiple fungi gathering spots are found in this location as well. The nests of certain Neopterans are located within this area.
  • Area 9: This small area is the nesting site for flying monsters and as such most flying monsters come here to rest, eggs can be gathered here and there are multiple mining spots and bone gathering sites located in this zone.


Earthquake - The ground will start shaking violently and cause monsters to flinch and will do the same to hunters that don't crouch.


Small Monsters:

  • Maccao
  • Bnahabra
  • Velociprey
  • Jagras
  • Hornetaur
  • Mosswine
  • Aptonoth
  • Slagtoth
  • Larinoth
  • Konchu
  • Kestodon
  • Gajau
  • Rhizolos

Large Monsters:

  • Abiorugu
  • Crimson Qurupeco
  • Great Jagras
  • Brute Tigrex
  • Deviljho
  • Savage Deviljho
  • Great Maccao
  • Velocidrome
  • Anjanath
  • Tetsucabra
  • Volvidon
  • Doramboros
  • Blue Yian Kut Ku
  • Pukei-Pukei
  • Kula-Ya-Ku

Unique items

Ore Icon Special 9

Primeval Crystal - Incredibly ancient and rare crystals from when the planet was still forming. (account item)

Plant Icon Dark Orange

Ancient Lumber - A sturdy piece of wood older then recorded history, it has an amazing scale like pattern. (account item)

Battle Theme

Ark Survival Evolved New Battle Music 2 Grassland Day Light Update 257

Ark Survival Evolved New Battle Music 2 Grassland Day Light Update 257


Soundscape - Cretaceous Landscape

Soundscape - Cretaceous Landscape


  • In the background before earthquakes one can see the volcano erupt.


YukiHerz: Thanks for the lovely map render!

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