Pouba by Setheo
Titles Scaled Long Neck
Nicknames Po
General Info
Species Herbivore
Habitats Almost all areas
Size N/A
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Stomp
Elements N/A
Ailments N/A
Weaknesses Element Wind Wind
Creator Setheo

Pouba is a large Herbivore monsters adapted to live almost everywhere. They're prey of numerous monsters.


Pouba are medium sized Herbivores with a cuadruped stance and a long neck. Although they are preyed upon frequently they have rather tough shells which are difficult to pierce.


Poubas can be found living almost everywhere, except deserts due to the lack of food. Their weight and short legs makes them difficult to flee and travel far from their areas when predators approach, wich is why they have the very tough shelling. They are usually found in packs of up to three adults and one juvenile.

Not only preyed by monsters, Pouba meat is considered a delicacy for hunters as well. Pouba are usually docile creatures but they may become a slight threat if a hunter is to attack them or if they sense danger in their vicinity such as a predatory monster. They usually attack trying to stomp possible threats.