Poison Ludroth
Poison Ludroth by Chaoarren
Titles Small Purple Ludroth
Nicknames None
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Old Jungle, Jungle (2nd), Misty Peaks, Rocky Hills, Sherin Peaks, Scarlet Field, Nightmare Marshes, Glistening Lake
Size Small
Relatives Purple Ludroth
Signature Move Poison Glob
Elements None
Ailments Status Poison Status Noxious Poison
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Thunder
Creator Chaoarren

Poison Ludroth are toxic subspecies of Ludroth.


Poison Ludroth
Poison Ludroth Icon by Chaoarren A subspecies of the common Ludroth that have absorbed a heavy amount of toxic water, thus giving them poisonous abilities over water. They are mostly only seen when Purple Ludroth are in the same area as them, mostly due to them relying on the Purple's on liquids to maintain their own. In other areas they are quite rarely seen on their own, only being found near swamps or rivers with toxic plants or substances in the vicinity.

Instead of yellow and orange, it is coloured as purple and grey.


They don't have any behavior change other than their poison abilities.

Unique attacks

  • Poison Bites: Bites twice causing poison.
  • Poison Glob: Its water spit used by normal Ludroth instead has poison.

(G-Rank only)

Its Poison is upgraded to Noxious Poison


High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Purple Poison Ludroth Hide Ludroth hide that has absorbed toxic water, giving it toxic abilities.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Purple Poison Ludroth Piel More dangerous poison flows through this hide, it is brighter as a result.


  • They are quite rarely found, with the only common appearance being in Purple Ludroth quests.