None Yet
Titles Water Aptonoth
Nicknames Mega Epioth, Sharq Bait
General Info
Species Herbivore
Habitats Marshlands, Deserted Island, Old Jungle, Primal Forest, Flooded Forest, Defiant Stronghold
Size Large
Relatives Aptonoth, Epioth
Signature Move Body Slam
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Thunder
Creator Chaoarren

Pikfrin are herbivorous river dwelling monsters.


Pikfrin Icon by Chaoarren Large herbivores that spend a decent amount of time on shores and rivers. Despite their size they are not at all hostile. Their very selective breeding seasons and habitats make them rare to find.

They go on both water and land, mostly staying around in rivers. This limits their species to environments with large rivers of temperate water. Anything too hot (deserts) or too hostile (near volcanoes or hazardous chemicals) they will avoid completely.


They are Aptonoth sized beings with a very similar body structure to them. They have blue hides, grey fins on the tail and back with green at its tip. The fins are short in height and curved. They have a three bone plates growing from their head like the Aptonoths, which have retractable fins.


Pikfrin are like water Aptonoth, they can be huge or small.


Low Rank

  • Pikfrin Hide
  • Pikfrin Fin

High Rank

  • Pikfrin Hide+
  • Pikfrin Fin+

G Rank

  • Pikfrin Piel
  • Pikfrin Finefin


Their attacks are shared with Aptonoth, with the addition of a body slam attack that takes four seconds to preform.


  • Originally thought of as an imagination of what a cross-line between the Aptonoth and Epioth would be like.