Panzer Seltas Queen
Titles Heavy Tank Beetle
Nicknames Tank Seltas Queen, Blast Seltas Queen
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Sunken Hollow, Primal Forest, Everwood, Volcano
Size Large
Relatives Seltas Queen, Warplate Seltas Queen, Seltas, Aerocaptain Seltas, Desert Seltas Queen, Desert Seltas, Orchid Seltas
Signature Move Dual Acid Flamethrower
Elements Element Fire Fire
Ailments Element Fire Fireblight
Status Blastblight Blastblight
Weaknesses Element Water Element Thunder
Creator Pabmel, adopted by TheBrilliantLance
Panzer Seltas Queen is a Lone Species of Seltas Queen.


Panzer Seltas Queen is physically similar to its normal relative, although its exoskeleton is black and orange rather than green with orange accents. This exoskeleton is also much thicker than that of its normal relative. Where a standard Seltas Queen would have a pincer at the end of its tail, Panzer Seltas Queen instead has a flamethrower-like stinger.


Panzer Seltas Queen's pheromones have mutated along with it, turning into a highly volatile gas that explodes almost instantaneously upon reacting with oxygen. Rather than spitting globs of water, its maw instead fires a highly flammable acid that spontaneously combusts upon coming into contact with solid objects. These chemicals can also be fired from its tail as a pressurized beam.


An agressive monster by nature, a Panzer Seltas Queen patrols its territory jealously and will attack anything that comes near it without a second thought. As it has no male counterpart and is rendered sterile due to its mutation, it does not normally interact with Seltas drones in any way as they live in different areas.


Same as Seltas Queen.


Panzer Seltas Queen shares all the attacks of a regular Seltas Queen, except for the attacks that can only be performed with a Seltas.

Scorch Shot: Triple Scorch Shot:

Blast Pheromones:

Acid Flamethrower:

Heavy Dozer:

Rolling Beetle:

Strafing Sniper:

Treading Tank:

Dual Acid Flamethrower:


Panzer Seltas Queen
Panzer Seltas Queen Icon by TheBrilliantLance An abnormal Seltas Queen with an even thicker shell than normal. Built like a tank and just as durable, this warrior queen needs no soldiers to enforce its rule: the scorching acid it blasts from its maw and stinger tail is hot enough to burn through solid steel.

Breakable parts 

  • Same as Seltas Queen.


  • Panzer Seltas Queen is the only Seltas Queen that fights without a Seltas.
  • She was first going to be named Bombardier Seltas Queen, but the name was already taken.
  • Panzer Seltas do not exist. The mutation that gives Panzer Seltas Queen its abilities and appearance is a recessive gene linked to the X chromosome, meaning that all Seltas who exhibit the mutation are female. However, there is a mutation of Seltas linked to the Y chromosome, causing all males who carry it to mutate. Males affected by this mutation are known as Orchid Seltas.