Panzer Seltas Queen
Titles Heavy Tank Beetle
Nicknames N/A
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Sunken Hollow, Primal Forest, Everwood, Volcano
Size Big
Relatives Seltas, Desert Seltas, Seltas Queen, Desert Seltas Queen, Orchid Seltas
Signature Move Triple Blast Shoot, Combined Fire
Elements None
Ailments Status Blastblight Blast Status Soiled
Weaknesses Element Water Element Thunder
Creator Pabmel
Panzer Seltas Queen is a Subspecies of Seltas appearing at High rank - fights with Orchid Seltas at G Rank - that lives in hot areas. She uses blast attacks.
Panzer Seltas Queen
{{{Monster Icon}}} An even more armored Seltas Queen subspecie which throws an explosive substance


Panzer Seltas Queen is a Seltas Queen Subspecies. It has the same look, but instead of being green, it has a bombarder beetle orange and black striped color. Her pincer is also smaller because she doesn't always need to grab an Orchid Seltas during fights.


She is one of the most agressive Neopterons, attacking anything that enters her territory. Howewer, she acts more gently with Orchid Seltas than other Seltas Queens with their counterparts.


She can throw a highly volative substance that will blow after an inpact, causing Blastblight. She also is more heavily armored than other Seltas Queens (her title comes from that), and weapons without White Sharpness or Higher bounce against her legs.

Rage and Tired States 

  • Rage State:

She will start to use her Blast Shoots and perform combos with an Orchid Seltas if it fights with her.

  • Tired State:

She will eat an Apceros to recover stamina. She will only eat an Orchid Seltas if it's already dead.


Same as Seltas Queen.


She has all of Seltas Queen attacks, but instead of throwing water she will throw a Blasblight inflicting substance. She can also perform comboes with Orchid Seltas.

  • Seltas Slash

She will use the Orchid Seltas as a knife, and use it to Slash hunters behind her.

  • Rage pheromones

She will release red pheromones that will make the Orchid Seltas Enraged

  • Fire platform

She will stay immobile, release the Orchid Seltas that will try to protect her, and do a more precise (harder to evade) Triple Blast Shoot.

  • Combined Fire

She will shoot her Blast substance at three directions. It first looks easy to avoid, but the Orchid Seltas will shoot Deadly Poisons Globs in the gaps beetween them, so this attacks require divejumping or really well planned evades to be avoided.

  • Stab

She will use the Orchid Seltas to try to stab hunters in front of her.

  • Seltas Boomerang

She will launch the Orchid Seltas, which will soin following a 180 ° arcand catch him again when he is near to her.

Breakable parts 

  • Same as Seltas Queen


  • She an Orchid Seltas are different Subspecies but they fight together because each of them hasn't a counterpart. Her pheromons don't attract the Orchid Seltas, but informs it that she needs help.
  • She was first going to be named Bombardier Seltas Queen, but the name was already taked.

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