Titles Amber Armor Insect
Nicknames Pano
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Flooded Forest
Great Forest
Jurassic Frontier
Primal Forest
Verdant Hills
Size Medium
Relatives Sticky Panoplis
Signature Move Sap Spray
Elements None
Ailments Status Silked Silked
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Panoplis (アンバルグマ, Anbaruguma) is a Neopteron.


Panoplis is a scarab beetle-like shaped Neopteron with a brown exoskeleton that is covered in ridges that run horizontally across its body. However, most of its exoskeleton is protected by a translucent amber-colored armor. This armor is located on its legs, elytra, and underside. The head is colored gray and has a distinctive array of six, short, rectangular projections. There are four more projections on each of its forelegs. It has dull red compound eyes.


Panoplis does not possess mandibles but rather possesses a proboscis which it uses to suck up sap from trees. It can also spray sap at predators to incapacitate them, giving it time to flee. The armor on its body is incredibly hard and serves as protection from attackers


Panoplis uses its claws and projections on its legs to scrape off tree bark, causing the tree to secrete resin. Once resin starts leaking out, it rubs its body up against the tree. The ridges on its body allow the resin to adhere to its exoskeleton. This resin eventually hardens into the armor the creature is known for. Panoplis uses its proboscis to pierce and suck up sap from the tree, as sap serves as the main part of the Neopteron's diet. They are quite timid and will flee from predators on sight.


Panoplis prefer to inhabit that are abundant with trees to fulfill its needs. Its habitats include the Flooded Forest, Great Forest, Jungle, Jurassic Frontier, Primal Forest, and the Verdant Hills.



Neopterons that coat themselves in resin to create armor. They feed on sap from the trees they obtain their resin from. If a tree has been stripped of its bark, a Panoplis was most likely the culprit.


  • Order: Coleoptera
  • Suborder: Polyphaga
  • Superfamily: Resin Bug
  • Family: Panoplis

Panoplis is a member of the Neopteron monster class. This class includes other insectoid monsters such as Seltas, Vespoid Queen, Seltas Queen, and Lightenna.

Habitat Range

The known habitats of Panoplis include the Flooded Forest, Great Forest, Jungle, Jurassic Frontier, Primal Forest, and the Verdant Hills.

Ecological Niche

Panoplis is somewhere in the middle of the food chain. Panoplis primarily feeds on sap from trees. Very rarely will it prey on smaller animals, such as Vespoid, Bnahabra, Konchu, Kelbi, and Theropod . It does so by stabbing the prey with its rostrum and injecting digestive enzymes into the prey, liquefying its insides and then sucking up the liquids. It can be preyed upon by larger predators such as Nerscylla, Tetsucabra, Seltas Queen, Chameleos, and Deviljho. Because of their tendency to remove bark from trees, they are sometimes considered pests and hazardous to the environment.

Biological Adaptations

Panoplis are known for the amber armor that covers their bodies. They sport sharp claws and Ray-like protrusions on their limbs. They obtain their armor by scraping bark off trees, using their legs, and rubbing their bodies up against the tree. The ridges on their exoskeleton allows the resin to adhere to their body. Once resin has adhered to the body, a special enzyme that is secreted from the exoskeleton makes the resin quickly harden and give it its characteristic yellow-orange color. This amber armor is very durable and can withstand a fireball from a Rathian without much damage.


Panoplis aren't particularly aggressive and will flee at the slightest hint of danger. Should its armor be damaged or removed, it will immediately seek out a tree to obtain resin from and replace its armor. This makes them rather destructive to the environment.


  • Its name come from the Greek word for armor.
  • The amber armor on its can be broken off, and its head can be broken as well.
  • When a hunter is sprayed with sap, it will hinder their movement. This can be undone by using a Cleanser or rolling in water.
  • The idea for it to cover itself in resin to create armor came from assassin bugs, which cover themselves in the remains of their prey.
  • Panoplis was created after shield bugs and scarab beetles.
  • Its design was inspired by insects fossilized in amber.