Titles Palm Bird
Nicknames Coconut
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Cloud Cataract
Size Small
Relatives Gargwa
Signature Move Peck
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator Narwhaler
Pamavi are Bird Wyverns found in forested areas.


Pamavi are somewhat similar to Gargwa and are unable to fly, they have big bodies covered with an orange brown plummage. Their head is small and resembles to a cassowary, their feet are small, but their legs are very muscular and help the monster to stand with ease. Their tails are large and have big green feathers that look like palm leaves.


Pamavi Icon by Narwhaler Herbivorous bird wyverns endemic from the Cloud Cataract, they usually roam the ground in search of fruits. Flightless like Gargwa, they mimic trees to go unnoticed by predators. The meat from their legs is very nutritive.

Pamavi can be found in small groups in forested areas, they are native from the Cloud Cataract and spend their time looking for seeds and berries in the low zones of the forest. When they detect danger, they will snuggle and raise their tails to take the look of a palm and stay still till the danger is gone. If this results ineffective and are already noticed, they will try to run away.


Pamavi are peaceful monsters and barely have any meanings of defense besides their palm mimic. However, sometimes they will peck or body slam the hunters before fleeing. Their legs are fatty and delicious, their feathers are also valuable as they offer great camouflage in the jungle.


Icon Name Description
Webbing Icon Dark Green Pamavi Feather A feather from the tail of a Pamavi, looks just like a palm leaf, but smooth.
Meat Icon Brown Pamavi Leg Fried, boiled, roasted... Pamavi legs are delicious in all ways! (Account Item)
Meat Icon Red Raw Meat Meat carved from a monster. Can be cooked, combined, or used to set a trap.
Bone Icon Yellow Monster bone S A very useful material; indispensable for both hunting and daily life.