The Overgrown Shrine is a location deep into the largest island of the New World, a wonder from a lost civilization that's built in cliffs and is crossed by waterfalls and streams.


Overgrown Shrine Map
  • Base Camp: Hunters drop from the transport balloon into this area, there's the bed, supply and delivery boxes along with Nyan Jirou, there's 3 ways out into Areas 6, 2 and 1.
  • Area 1: A long beach along a wide and deep calm river, large water monsters can be fought here.
  • Area 2: A flat cliff top with a waterfall coming from the ruins on top, which can be climbed, herbivores are sometimes seen here.
  • Area 3: A mossy corridor, small predators litter the area.
  • Area 4: An open hall where 8 monster stone idols exist, flying wyverns nest here.
  • Area 5: A stairway in a flooded tower, Remobra and other small predators can be seen here.
  • Area 6: A long path along a stream and a lower wide canyon path.
  • Area 7: A grassy path passing by streams, large monsters roam this area.
  • Area 8: A flat top high in the cliffs with the remains of an observatory dome.
  • Area 9: A corridor that's usually filled with Shakalaka or Remobra.
  • Area 10: Another corridor that cave dwellers love, this area has survived the tests of time better than the rest.
  • Area 11: A staircase leading to the topmost section.
  • Area 12: A large open arena-like room with a few giant pillars in one side, 8 more stone idols different from the ones in Area 4 can be seen here.


  • The tower-like ruins in the Area 1 river suggest that Area 12 was just the base of a Tower.
  • For the purposes of Monster Nyanter, this area is in the fanon Jango Region (Far West), while for everything else it is located in the New World.

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