Orkan Plains
Name Orkan Plains
"Most of the year inhabitants of these plains experience great storms and adapted to this."
Area No. 9
Hazards Whirlwind, strong winds
Small monsters Aptonoth
Big monsters Platairif, Dreadful Bellargon, Kushala Daora
Creator/s Democide
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Climate Moderate
Weather Storm
Secret Areas -
Aquatic Areas -
Shortcuts 1

The Orkan Plains are a great area with few hills surrounded by mountains. Because of the mountains' position around the plains, the weather is almost continuously stormy with strong winds. There is a season where the storms get even stronger.


Orkan Plains Map by YukiHerz
  • Base Camp: The Base Camp is located in between some boulders that shelter from the winds. There's only one way that leads to Area 1.
  • Area 1: A small field of grass with some small trees and berries to gather. One way brings you to Area 2 while the second brings you to Area 3.
  • Area 2: Another grassy area that leads to one of the few hills in the area. Up the hill is Area 4, around the is Area 5.
  • Area 3: A small area between two big boulders. A Felyne village is built here. The path leads to Area 6.
  • Area 4: Higher on the hill with great boulders, stronger winds and a small creek flowing down. One path goes on top the hill to Area 9, another one is the entrance of a cave to Area 7.
  • Area 5: At the side of the hill with higher grass and some rocks spread on the field. The way brings you to Area 6, while a second way up on the hill leads directly to Area 9.
  • Area 6: A big field with a lot of Appind trees and gathering spots to gather these fruits. The trees take on some of the wind's strength so it is weaker in this area.
  • Area 7: A cave area with mine spots and shelter for smaller monsters. Crystals and rare ores are both attainable here. The path leads to Area 8.
  • Area 8: The second cave area and nest for Wyverns. The path goes on out of the cave to Area 9.
  • Area 9: A plateau on the top of the hill. The winds are stronger and the rocky ground is even. A short cut is jumping off to Area 6.


  • Whirlwinds may appear and send unattentive hunters flying.
  • In Area 9 strong winds make it harder to walk in a certain direction that changes.


Due to the strong winds and whirlwinds many monsters here are endemic and adapted to these conditions. This leads to either massive monsters or light monsters that soar with the help of the storm. Only a few caves can give shelter from the winds.

Monster list


Aptonoth, Kadalith, (will be updated with the monsters)


Platairif, Dreadful Bellargon, Kushala Daora (will be updated with the monsters)