Orchid Seltas
Titles Flower Beetle
Nicknames (N/A)
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Flower Field, Sunken Hollow, Great Forest, Primal Forest, Everwood
Size Small
Relatives Seltas, Desert Seltas, Seltas Queen, Desert Seltas Queen, Panzer Seltas Quen
Signature Move Claw combo
Elements (N/A)
Ailments Status Poison Poison
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Pabmel

Orchid Seltas is a subspecie of Seltas that lives in the Flower Field. It uses poison attacks.

Orchid Seltas
{{{Monster Icon}}} A Seltas subspecie living in areas with vegetation. It uses poison to kill it's Neopterons preys


Orchis Seltas is a Seltas Subspecies. It has the same look, but instead of being green, it has a white color, with pink stripes. It's claws also look more like a mantis claws.


It is generally less agressive than Seltas, and prefers to ambush it's prey. Howewer, when angered,it will start to attack more violently.


It's globs cause poison instead of Defence Down. It's claws are sharper

Rage and Tired States 

  • Rage State:

When enraged, it will start to perform claw combos.

  • Tired State:

It will eat a bnahabra or vespoid to recover Stamina


It use the same anmation as Seltas


It has the same attacks as Seltas, and 2 new attacks: a 3 claw swing in front of him, a spin similar to glavenus tail spin but slower and weaker and a 5 hit claw combo. In G rank, it's claws will also inflict poison

Breakable parts 

  • Same as Seltas

  • It was inspired by the orchid Mantis.
  • It has this coloration so that it can hide in the bigger flowers of the Flower Field.
  • Orchid Seltas Queen doesn't exist. Instead, he fights along with Panzer Seltas Queen.

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