Orchid Seltas
Titles Flower Beetle
Nicknames Pink Seltas, Poison Seltas
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Flower Field, Sunken Hollow, Great Forest, Primal Forest, Everwood
Size Medium
Relatives Seltas, Seltas Queen, Aerocaptain Seltas, Warplate Seltas Queen, Desert Seltas, Desert Seltas Queen, Panzer Seltas Queen
Signature Move Mantis Cleaver
Elements None
Ailments Status Poison Poison
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Pabmel, adopted by TheBrilliantLance

Orchid Seltas is a Lone Species of Seltas.


Orchid Seltas is nearly physically identical to its normal counterpart, sharing the same basic build. The primary differences lie in their coloration, as the exoskeleton of Orchid Seltas is a pearly white with pink and yellow accents rather than an iridescent green with yellow and orange accents. Orchid Seltas also has differently shaped front claws, which are thinner, slightly longer and more hooked, and lined with barbs.


It is generally less aggressive than Seltas, and prefers to ambush its prey. However, when angered or threatened, it behaves far more violently than any standard Seltas and will furiously attack its foes with a combination of venomous stings and sharp claws.


While not as fast or agile of a flier as the regular Seltas, Orchid Seltas is a more formidable ground fighter that is able to use its barbed claws in a variety of attacks. It also uses its stinger more effectively, and it is able to shoot globules of venom from its tip or inject it into targets directly.


Flying Clothesline:

Scissor Swoop:

Claw Extension:

Coating Claws:

Poison Strafe:

Venom Dart:

Mantis Cleaver:

Hooked Spinout:

Vaulting Charge:


It uses the same animation as Seltas.


Orchid Seltas
Orchid Seltas Icon by TheBrilliantLance A reclusive mutation of the Seltas easily identified by its vivid color scheme. These Neopterons hide among the blossoms of fiower fields, striking down unsuspecting prey with their barbed claws. Their stingers have also mutated to carry poisonous chemicals.


  • It has this coloration so that it can hide in the bigger flowers of the Flower Field.
  • Orchid Seltas Queens do not exist. The mutation that gives Orchid Seltas its abilities and appearance is linked to the Y chromosome, meaning that all Seltas who exhibit the mutation are male. However, there is a recessive gene linked to the X chromosome of Seltas that mutates females who carry it on both chromosomes. These Seltas Queens are known as Panzer Seltas Queens.