Olympic Mountain Peak
Name Olympic Mountain Peak
Japanese Name Humongous Summit
"The peak of the mountain that watches over Belrina. Everyone that succeeds to climb it will return in glory. But there is something strange about it..."
Area No. 1
Hazards Falling Rocks
Small monsters none
Big monsters Lao-Shan Lung, Hellish Nalmados, Shadow Cantios, Tropicstar Qurupeco, Grimclaw Tigrex, Killerspear Monoblos, Massacre Demon Diablos, Whitelight Shagaru Magala
Creator/s Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Icon {{{Icon}}}
Climate Mild
Weather Sunny
Secret Areas none
Aquatic Areas none
Shortcuts none

The highest peak of the mountains seen in the Ancient Outback. This area is home to the one and only Lao-Shan Lung - and some others too of course. Belrina Village is right behind the peak and thus it is endangered whenever an Elder Dragon appears.


  • Base Camp: The Base Camp is actually your home in Belrina. There are no boxes, the supply items have to be gathered. There is a narrow path leading to the peak - this path is the exit of the village.
  • Area 1: An enormous, rocky field, covered in moss, and green grass. The weather is actually very nice, but there is an approaching storm on the southern end. This area is actually something like a dent within the peak, as the area is enclosed by the mountain. Only one way leads out of it, and it looks like if a huge monster has made it.
Olympic Mountain Peak Map by YukiHerz


  • Due to the quakes caused by Lao-Shan Lung, some of the walls break off and the rocks fall down and deal great damage.


The Belrina Villagers pray to the mountain, as they believe it is a god. They call this god 'Lord of the Mountains'. Sometimes they hear a roar, and this makes them believe that the god is alive. This roars are actually Lao-Shan Lungs, as the mountains are their home.

Music Theme

Prologue A - Xenoblade Chronicles OST03:18

Prologue A - Xenoblade Chronicles OST

The new Lao-Shan Lung Theme

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