Titles Venom Cloud Wyvern
Nicknames -
General Info
Species Snake Wyvern
Habitats Swamps, Cold Areas
Size Large
Relatives Remobra
Signature Move Poison Breath
Elements Element Dragon Dragon
Ailments Element DragonDragonblight
Status PoisonPoison
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator FeralJinouga

Okira is a fan-made Snake Wyvern, created by FeralJinouga


Okira are large, dark skinned Pseudo-wyverns with a close resemblance to Remobra. They have a slender body paired with a long, flexible neck and a whip-like tail. Their wings resemble and function similar to those of Gogmazios, acting as functional arms when the wings are not extended. Unlike other Pseudo-wyverns, whose wings feature a paw, Okira wings have functional hands, complete with a thumb, as well as a set of long, hook like claws. Their heads are very round, lacking any sort of snout, and have a long, fleshy "whisker" on each side. Their eyes are a vibrant shade of red, and will even appear to glow at times. Okira do not chew their prey, opting instead to eat it whole if possible. To compliment this, they are capable of dislocating their jaws in a similar fashion to most snakes. Their tongues are navy blue and their teeth are shaped so that they grab rather than tear. Their teeth also grow in a similar fashion to those of a shark, with an entire row of teeth already grown and lined behind the preexisting set, ready to replace any tooth that is lost. Their venom and saliva are one and the same, and is incredibly potent. Examination of their bone marrow has revealed trace amounts of the dragon element.


an Okira's life span can be split into two main parts: the juvenile stage, and the adult stage. During the juvenile stage, Okira live in small family groups with their siblings, relying on each other to avoid predators and catch prey. They form these groups because Okira do not care for their young. The juvenile stage will last for approximately four years, after which Okira will leave each other to lead far more solitary life styles. Throughout their whole lives, Okira will not claim a specific territory, instead opting to simply wander the swamps and caves they call home. When not hunting, Okira are very lethargic, and will often times be found resting in small caves. A common misconception is that Okira are sleeping while they rest, which is simply not the case. Okira remain keenly aware of their surroundings, even with their eyes closed. It is theorized that they are capable of doing this due to their fleshy whiskers, which are believed to actually be some form of sensory organ. however, when pursuing prey or a perceived threat, Okira put on incredible acts of strength and endurance, relentlessly pursing their target. Interestingly, when adult okira encounter one another, they show no signs of aggression, often times simply ignoring each other. Okira are one of the dominant predators in their habitats, easily defeating smaller monsters and competing with other dominant predators such as Rathian. Okira prefer to eat their prey whole, but are not able to do so. When okira are unable to swallow their prey whole, they have been observed doing one of two things: Pinning the item to the ground before tearing off chunks in a massive bit, or using their claws to tear the prey into smaller, more manageable pieces. Okira have also been found to be intelligent, and are known to avoid a trap once they know what it looks like.

Rage and Tired states


When enraged, an okira's arms will begin to spark with the red electricity characteristic of the dragon element. They will fight far more aggressively, relying more on their claws then their poison, and will even pursue their target into other areas of the map. This rage also makes them far more susceptible to traps, as they will no longer attempt to avoid them.


When tired, okira will begin to drool constantly. Caution should be taken when around their heads, as this drool is capable of poisoning hunters hit by it. Their attacks will come out far slower, and they will rely far more heavily on their biting attacks.


Okhira are largely lethargic animals, but are incredibly dangerous.  They possess a potent venom in their saliva and are very intelligent, rarely falling for the same trick twice.


  • Order:  Snake Wyvern
  • Suborder:  Winged Snake Wyvern
  • Family:  Okira


Okira inhabit a variety of regions,  but are predominantly found in cold and damp areas with large cave systems, such as the swamp.

Ecological Niche

Okira act as the dominant predators of the areas they inhabit, easily overpowering and preying on weaker monsters, such as Gypceros and Khezu, and competing with other dominant predators, such as Rathian and Astalos.

Biological Adaptations

Okira have evolved unique wing-arms that are easily capable of grabbing objects and small animals.  They have also evolved an incredibly potent venom that, rather than being located in a venom gland, is part of the animals saliva. they use these adaptations to easily overpower and prey on smaller monsters. They also have trace amounts of the dragon element in their bone marrow, but are unable to reliably control the element.  

[None] Large, dark skinned Pseudowyverns. They spend much of the day simply laying around, but do not mistake them for asleep. Despite their lethargic nature, they are very strong and fast, as well as very intelligent, rarely falling for the same trick twice.


The Black Beast Lv HR 6
Hunt 1 Okira
Reward: 12000z Location: Old Swamp
Contract Fee: 500z Time Limit: 50m
Subquest: Severe Okira's Tail Sub.Reward: 3000z
Other Monsters:

Ioprey, Slagtoth

Client: Greenhorn Hunter

So I went to the Swamp to collect mushrooms, alright? But then I see this monster sleeping, and I can already tell this things way out of my league,so I try to sneak past it alright? 'cept then I get flung across the swamp bu this thing's tail. I still need to get those mushrooms, But I can't do that with this thing there, little help?


  • Bite:  The Okira lunges forward and bites downward. This attack will inflict Poison
  • Side-bite:  The Okira will look to either its left or right before turning and biting in that direction.
  • Tail Swipe: The Okira will turn its head to look behind it, before striking with its tail in a whip like motion.
  • Claw Swipe:  The Okira will raise up either its left or right wing arm before bringing it across the front of its body in a slashing motion.  When enraged, this attack will inflict minor Dragonblight.
  • 360* spin the Okira preforms a fast, 360* spin that will inflict dragonblight if struck by it.
  • Poison Breath: The Okira opens its jaw as wide as possible before emitting a stream of poisonous gas. The attack is visually identical to the breath attack of the Congalala, but has two variations. The first variation has the breath attack being swept from one side to the other, the other variation has it being preformed to the monsters side.
  • Stampede: The okira will violently charge forward in a frenzy, may be chained into a 360* spin at the end. Only preformed when enraged. (In G-Rank the 360* spin my further be followed up by another stampede)
  • Roar:  The Okira will preform a high-pitched and shrill roar, similar to that of Frenzied monsters.
  • Pin attack (hungry): The Okira will pin the hunter to the ground before trying take large bits out of them. This will deal heavy damage and will go on for 30 seconds, at the end of which the Okira will finish by preforming its breath attack on the hunter while they are still pinned. if the attack is not escaped, then the okira will no longer be hungry.
  • Pin attack (Not hungry): The Okira will grab the hunter before violently shaking them around for 20 seconds, dealing heavy damage, and finish by throwing the hunter at another target, be it a palico, another hunter, or a smaller monster in the area. if there is no such other target in the area, then the hunter will be thrown to a random point in the area

-Many of these attacks have a variation for when the okira is flying.

Breakable Parts

  • Head can be broken twice, causes a shiny to drop (decreases range of the breath attack)
  • Left Wing arm can be broken (will no longer inflict dragon blight)
  • Right Wing arm can be broken (will no longer inflict dragon blight)
  • Back can be broken
  • Tail can be cut off




Fire: -20

Water: 5

Lightning: 15

Ice: 0

Dragon: 25

Skills: Status Atk up, Critical eye +2, Cold Cancel (Lo), Heat surge (Lo), Fire Res -15,


Fire: -15

Water: 10

Lightning: 20

Ice: 5

Dragon: 30

Skills: Status Atk up, Critical eye +2, Cold Cancel (Lo), Heat Surge (Lo), Fire Res -15


High Rank:

  • Okira Whisker:  The whip-like whisker of an Okira.  It's durable nature makes it ideal for crafing.
  • Okira Hide: The sleek hide of and Okira.  It's texture elicits a disturbing calm...
  • Okira Wing Bone: A bone from the Wing of an Okira.  It's large and durable, making it ideal for crafting.
  • Okira Saliva: The venomous saliva of an Okira.  It originate from no poison gland,  naturally existing within the saliva.
  • Okira Tooth: One of the many teeth of an Okira. They have an eerie sheen about them.
  • Okira Claw: A claw from an Okira's hand.  It's hook like shape and sharp end are designed to keep prey trapped.
  • Okira Tail:  The long, durable tail of an Okira.  It's durable nature makes it ideal for crafting.
  • Okira Gem: A gem that has formed deep within an Okira's Bosom.  a disturbing air surrounds it.


  • Okira Whip:  An Okira whisker so strong that it can be used as whip.
  • Okira hide+: The sleek Hide of an Okira.  Its texture elicits a disturbing calm.
  • Okira Bone Marrow:  Bone marrow from an Okira.  one can see the dragon element hidden deep within.
  • Okira Venom:  Saliva from an Okira potent enough to kill most monsters, Killing a man would be an afterthought....
  • Okira Tooth+: One of the many teeth of an Okira. They have an eerie sheen about them.
  • Okira Claw+: A claw from an Okira's hand.  It's hook like shape and sharp end are designe to keep prey trapped.
  • Okira Lash:  An exceptionally rare Okira tail.  Incredibly strong and durable.
  • Okira Opal:  A terrifying gem found deep within an Okira.  Those who stare at it are said to see visions of their own demise...


  • Blood-Crazed Okira: A deviant of Okira that has become exceptionally aggressive, even against other Okira. The Dragon element is far more prominent in these individuals.


  • Okira take inspiration from various sources
  • Okira is both singular and plural