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Obsidian Deviljho
Obsidian Deviljho render by Chaoarren
Titles Dark Violent Wyvern
Nicknames CoalJho, Obsidian Jho, Black Deviljho, Black Jho
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Volcano (3rd), Volcano (2nd), Volcanic Hollow, Old Volcano, Sherin Peaks, Scarlet Field, Defiant Stronghold
Size Very Large
Relatives Savage Obsidian Deviljho, Deviljho, Savage Deviljho
Signature Move Element Down Saliva
Elements Element Dragon Element Fire
Ailments Status Dragonblight Status Resistance Down Severe Fireblight
Weaknesses Element Water Element Thunder (Dragon rage mode), Element Dragon (When not enraged)
Creator Chaoarren

Obsidian Deviljho are subspecies of Deviljho.


Deviljho that have mutated from generations of living exclusively in volcanic areas.

Obsidian Deviljho
Obsidian Deviljho Icon by Chaoarren A species of Deviljho that have mutated from ash in the violent volcanic lands. Little is known of them, as sightings of the species are rare and extremely dangerous to study. They seem to process new found fire powers from fiery mutations along with strengthened dragon element. Their fangs contain poisons that weaken resistances and defence against the elements, a fatal weapon one would easily oversee anything other than pain in the middle of battle.


Its eating habits have changed, it eats ore and rock as well as meat. The hide of Obsidian Deviljho is tough, requiring White Sharpness to not bounce in its enraged mode. Once it does enrage the toughness of its hide decreases with its body heat increased to much it can use fire as well as Dragon.


It shares Deviljho's move set

From Apex Deviljho

  • Ground Shock Wave: When it stomps the ground a trail of ground breaks and moves in front of it.

Unique Attacks

  • Sweeping Bite Combo: During this attack it can cancel it out into a chomp and tail swing.
  • Double Rock Throw: Enraged this attack is done again on the opposite side the first was thrown.
  • Forward Dragon Breath: Its dragon breath attack is done in front of it instead of an arc. It has a far faster charge up time than that.
  • Mysterious Saliva: Instead of Defence Down being inflicted when tired, it inflicts Resistance Down, which leaves hunters more vulnerable to its breath attacks.
  • Clouds Of Silver: Looking upward it gathers silver mist in its mouth. It breathes it out above it to slowly fall to the ground. This will cause Resistance Down.
  • Fiery Bite: Bites twice to ignite sparks around its fangs, making its mouth light up. For thirty seconds any chomp attacks by this inflict Fireblight.

If The Rage Mode Is Dragon Mode

  • Dragon Breath Spread: It will prepare its forward dragon breath, as it does so it begins to turn towards a hunter. The breath is launched and it then expands three times before stopping.

If Rage Mode Is Fire Mode

  • Blazing Flamethrower: All of its dragon breath attacks are replaced with this fire variant.
  • Fire Breath Balls: Obsidian Deviljho will shake its head quickly whilst preparing its fire breath to a overload state. With a bite of its jaws it creates a ball of fire from the gathered flames and repeats this three times while aiming in different directions.
  • 360° Fire Breath: Gathers a huge amount of fire in its mouth before spinning it around in a full circle. Will always exit rage mode after this and is often done while near exiting it.


  • Fangs Broken
    • Face Scarred
  • Back Scarred (Enraged Only)
  • Tail Severed

Rage And Tired States

  • Enraged: Body swells up, and parts glow red or orange. 50% chance of fire or dragon rage mode.
  • Tired: Drools silver saliva, bites now cause Element Down.


G Rank

  • O.Deviljho Shard: A black coaly scale taken from a volcanic bathed Deviljho. Breathing near it is impossible.
  • O.Deviljho Hide: The slimy hide of a Deviljho turned black from exposure to silvery ashes. Almost invisible in the night.
  • O.Deviljho Lash: Its tail is as hard as the stones it rests upon. Cutting it requires sharp blades.
  • O.Deviljho Talon: Extremely hot from being on pure lava, its edge it unbearable to touch.
  • O.Deviljho Skull: Cranium structuring this head has appeared to have grown strong from its mutation.
  • Jaggered Silver Fang: A Deviljho fang mutated by fire and stone. Is much stronger than the ones normal Deviljho species have.
  • O.Deviljho Saliva: Drool so foul even the smell of it induces vomiting.
  • O.Deviljho Crook: The item that allowed Obsidian Deviljho to digest the food in its stomach that was rocky and mineral.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Savage Obsidian Deviljho by Chaoarren

Main Article: Savage Obsidian Deviljho

It also has a Savage Variant like the regular species known. It has lost the ability to use dragon element and in place has intense fire powers and breath of smoke.


Same as other Deviljho species.

Interactions with The Frenzy/Hyper Status/Apex

It can go frenzied gaining a slightly purple reddish tint and varied speed changes.

In the Hyper Status it gains the speed boosts a Hyper Deviljho obtains as well as a size increase to its breath attacks when the miasma covers its head.

The Obsidian Deviljho can turn Apex. In this state it gains the moves of Apex Deviljho and gains two attacks. Its ground shockwave will spawn a fire geyser where it ends and its rock will create a puddle of Element Down liquid that can travel down walls and spurts out four embers once it breaks.



  • In the events of 5th Gen; due to the New World Deviljho species, including the vastly superior evolved Obsidian Deviljho invading the Old World in a similar way to the Raths, the original species of Obsidian Deviljho are now very rare. This is made even more so as the new Obsidian Deviljho species are able to travel everywhere like the standard Deviljho.