Obsidian Barroth
Obsidian Barroth by Halycon450
Titles Eruption Wyvern
Nicknames Black Barroth
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Volcanic Regions
Size Medium
Relatives Barroth
Jade Barroth
Signature Move Brittle Armor
Elements Element Fire Fire
Ailments Element Fire Fireblight
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Element Water Water
Creator Dragonzzilla

The Obsidian Barroth is a rare species of Barroth. These volcanic-dwelling Brute Wyverns submerge themselves in lava, which cools into a thick, black armor.


The Obsidian Barroth closely resembles its namesake rock in color. Its predominately black hide glistens in the light, while parts of its crown and spinal plates are a dark grey, and its teeth and claws are a lighter grey. Its eyes smoulder like embers.


  • 180° Charge: The Obsidian Barroth lowers its head and charges, not unlike a normal Barroth. However, the Obsidian Barroth is capable of turning 180° mid-charge. This move can be chained several times, and can be used in-tandem with the Tail Spin move.
  • Brittle Armor: The Obsidian Barroth's namesake armor, while durable to a point, is ultimately brittle. When an armor piece is broken, it will shatter explosively, causing minuscule shards to damage nearby enemies.
  • Hipcheck: The Obsidian Barroth slams its hip against the target, damaging it and knocking back Hunters.
  • Lava Bath: The Obsidian Barroth heads toward the nearest source of lava and rolls in it, which will eventually cool into a new suit of armor. During this cooling phase, it's capable of preforming the Lava Shake move.
  • Lava Shake: The Obsidian Barroth shakes its body, flinging chunks of hot lava around itself. Hunters hit by these chunks will suffer massive fire damage and will contract Fireblight. This move can only be done if the Barroth's recently preformed the Lava Bath move.
  • Pulverize: The Barroth slams its head down, damaging and knocking down Hunters struck.
  • Roar: The Barroth stamps its feet then emits a loud roar, causing nearby Hunters to cover their ears. This roar requires High-Grade Earplugs to block.
  • Stomp: The Barroth raises one of its legs then brings it down, damaging Hunters directly hit and causing a quake. This move can be chained several times, and the Barroth can alternate between legs.
  • Tail Spin: The Barroth spins, swinging its tail 180°. This move can be chained several times, and can be used at the end of the 180° Charge. If used in tandem with the charge, the Barroth always swings 360°.

Rage and Tired States

  • 180° Charge (Enraged): The Barroth opens with its Pulverize attack, cracking open the ground. If done in a volcanic area, the Barroth will shovel aside lava while charging, dealing fire damage and inflicting Fireblight.
  • Pulverize (Enraged): After the Barroth slams its head, it drives its head forward, causing lava to erupt in that direction, dealing fire damage and inflicting Fireblight.
  • Roar (Enraged): When the Obsidian Barroth roars, fire geysers will erupt in its immediate vicinity, dealing fire damage and knocking back Hunters if hit.
  • Tail Spin (Enraged): The Obsidian Barroth always swings its tail 360°.


Obsidian Barroth
Obsidian Barroth Icon Known as the Eruption Wyvern, the Obsidian Barroth is a fearsome, black-colored subspecies of the Barroth that can only be found in select volcanic environs.

An exceedingly rare subspecies of Barroth, covered in cooled lava. As a result of its harsh environment, it is considerably heartier and more dangerous than other Barroth species; a necessity for coming into regular contact with hyper-lethal predators such as Rathalos, Agnaktor, Stygian Zinogre, and Brachydios.

  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Theropoda
  • Superfamily: Crown Head Wyvern
  • Family: Barroth
Habitat Range

The Obsidian Barroth is uniquely adapted to its environment, utilizing active lava flows to create its armor while depending on sufficient vegetation for insects to thrive, which the Barroth consumes. The black Barroth cannot thrive without the latter, hence why they can only be found in select volcanic regions.

Biological Adaptations

Just like other Barroth species, the Obsidian Barroth coats itself in an armor using its natural environment. Instead of mud or snow, the Obsidian Barroth bathes in viscous lava; a clear testament to the monster's tolerance toward heat. The rapidly-cooling lava becomes obsidian, giving the monster its name.


Obsidian Barroth will fight fiercely if provoked, but aren't bellicose in nature. They avoid most monsters by principle when swimming in lava, and are capable of coexisting with other monsters because they stand apart from the usual food chain by eating insects and being otherwise inconvenient to kill once provoked.


Icon Name Description
Claw Icon Grey O. Barroth Claw Digs through volcanic rock and wades through thick lava with ease.
Monster Parts Icon Black O. Barroth Crown Cracks through stone like a hammer cracks walnuts.
Monster Parts Icon Black O. Barroth Flail The cudgel-like tail of the Obsidian Barroth. So much as an involuntary flick from this can send a wall crumbling down.
Carapace Icon Black O. Barroth Cortex Designed so to perfectly regulate and disperse immense heat, which naturally makes it hard to forge with.
Carapace Icon Black O. Barroth Spine A black spinal plate with grey accents. It glistens when held up to the light.
Carapace Icon Black Obsidian Fragment Incredibly sharp, but not in high demand. But rumor has it the surgeons of a faraway land use such shards in their procedures and will pay handsomely for one of viable size.
Covering Icon Blue Super Coolant Its true purpose is not totally known, but it's been found to have miraculous cooling properties. It may be what allows the Obsidian Barroth to withstand volcanic temperatures.


Obsidian Barroth armor sports high fire resistance, lower than average defense for its rank, and grants the following Armor Skills:

Skill Tree Skill Name Points Skill Description

Avatar of Flame

Avatar of Flame
+10 Same effect as Fire Res (L) and Heat Cancel.


Honed Blade
+10 Same effect as Attack Up (L) and Sharpness +1.


Marathon Runner
+10 Halves continuous Stamina drain.


Defense Down (L)
-20 Greatly decreases Defense; however, never less than 1.


Blunt Edge
-10 Doubles the rate at which your weapon looses sharpness.

Music Theme

Varusaburosu - Battle Theme Monster Hunter Frontier G6

Varusaburosu - Battle Theme Monster Hunter Frontier G6

Volcanic rumble.


  • The Obsidian Barroth was first posted in the original Monster Hunter Fanon Wiki, and is one of Dragonzzilla's oldest monster concepts.