Nidatsar by Setheo
Titles Swamp Hannibal
Nicknames Nida
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Swamps
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Surprise Rising Bite
Elements Element Water (Indirectly)
Ailments Status Mudded Status Crystalization

Element Water (Indirectly)

Weaknesses Element Ice
Creator Setheo


 The Nidatsar is a Leviathan that inhabits swamps.


The Nidatsar possesses a long and slender body of white/gray scales, its face is similar to that of a crocodile or alligator, yet it doesn't posses eyes, instead it has a crown-like red crystal formation that is used to track movement via heat and sound waves.

Their legs are very thin yet their bones are sturdy and make weapons with high sharpness levels bounce off, its tail is soft, thus it becomes a common point of attack.

When enraged their crystal crowns will glow and red veins will be visible behind its scales, much like a Tigrex, it will also adopt a "combat ready" stance, standing vertically on its hind legs most of the time.


Question Mark Icon White The Nidatsar is a large predatorial Leviathan that lives in swamps, it loves to cover itself in mud during the hot seasons and to reside in caves.

The Nidatsar population is greatly controlled by the guild, as they are known to be gluttons, they will eat anything they come across, including other members of its species, allowing overpopulation of Nidatsar would mean endangering entire ecosystems.


Their long slender bodies are able to slither on the mud with ease, they use their agility and length to attack foes, they can also bury under mud and do attacks similar to those of Agnaktor, including a jet of highly pressurized mud.

When fighting in cleaner waters, the attacks which cause splashes will also inflict water element damage, but their digging abilities will be nullified, so they change their tactics accordingly, placing more emphasis on speed and agility.

When enraged it will use shed crystals to attack, being muddy, the target will be surrounded by them, draining their stamina and exploding after a while.


  • The name is based on Nidhoggr, Yggdrasil and the Russian "Tsar".