Neo Animus (MHN Update)
None yet...
Titles The Binary World's End
Nicknames Neo
General Info
Species ???
Habitats End of Days
Size Medium
Relatives None
Signature Move World Alter
Elements Element Thunder Spark (Thunder)
Ailments Element Thunder Sparked (Thunderblight)
Weaknesses Element Dragon Kill Code (Dragon)
Creator Gojira57, altered by T1GREXHUNTER


Phase 1 (Lab Battle)- Originally, it was dark green in color, with no sail and normal wings with normal webbing, as well as a simple clubbed tail. After it was re-printed, it has altered it's code to give itself light green ridges all over it's body and a spiked tail. It's webbing was replaced by a constant flow of binary code. It uses a purple electric attack that can be changed into a mist at will.

Phase 2 (Battlehouse)- It's texture is a pale grey, with blue binary wings. It's wings are now ridged, with talons made of blue spines. It can freeze things instead of electrocute them.

Phase 3 (End of Days)- It returns to it's green color, and looks exactly like it did in Phase 1, save for a few details. It has two horns extruding from the back of it's head. It has two more horns extruding forward from the back of it's bottom jaw. Two of the spikes on it's tail are replaced with small glowing ribbons. There are longer ribbons on all four of the horns on it's head, ending with trident-shaped... things.


It is able to deviate from it's original code. It can alter it's own programming and code of things around it to benefit it. This is how it was able to alter it's appearance. This is also how they can make objects appear randomly during the final battle.


They have multiple fights, ranging in difficulty.

Lab- It will use 2 attacks, a bite and scratch. After losing 500 health, it will flee.

Battlehouse- It will use all of it's melee attacks and five ranged attacks. After losing half of it's health, it will knock the hunter out, then flee.

End of Days- It will use all of it's attacks, and use them relentlessly. When it's at 25% health, it will latch onto the hunter and crush their Exo-Armor. You must attack and beat it with 0 defense.


  • If you didn't know, phase 3 was heavily based off of Mega Rayquaza.
  • Phase 2 was derived from one of the render concepts I made to represent Gojira57's Neo Animus.