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Titles Sand Runner, The unseen Flash
Nicknames Meep-Meep, Road Runner
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Ancient Outback, Desert, Gorge
Size Large
Relatives none
Signature Move Red Hot Sand Avalanche
Elements Element Dragon
Ailments Status Blastblight
Weaknesses Element Water Element Thunder
Creator Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Negureginos is a recently discovered Flying Wyvern native to the Belurius Region. It is a unique Wyvern, that does not relate to any known Wyvern Species. 


At first this is a usual Flying Wyvern. Bipedal stance, wings, etc. But when taking a closer look, one can notice some striking differences. Its stance is far more upright than for example a Rathalos's, its wings are too small to fly properly, have large claws and it has long but muscular legs. It has a row of spikes of varying size going from its neck all the way down to its tail, as well as two horns on its upper and lower jaw. Its teeth are almost needle-like, but very robust, perfect for tearing through softer skin and robust enough for scales. 

Its proportions may seem odd, but they actually are excellent for its very specialized way of living and hunting. The ancestors of Negureginos were often threatened by - something still heavily discussed by the Guild - an aggressive Wyvern Species. Thus they evolved, becoming the perfect rival of this particular Wyvern. They are fast runners, never running out of stamina, have the ability to climb even the highest rock formations and can, even though not often, glide short distances. 


Besides the already mentioned abilities, Negureginos are able to use the dragon element to an astonishing extent. They have gained full mastery over it, being able to scorch huge Dunes to just a small bit of glass. Also they can spit a highly combustible fluid which, combined with sand or dust, becomes extremely explosive.


Coming soon... A fast and evasive hunter, this Wyvern is the arch rival of the mighty Cantios. It is faster than the fastest silver wind, and stronger than a hundred oxen. Be careful when facing one, as it can outrun you with ease.

Rage and Fatigued States

  • Enraged
    • Spikes erect, face pattern becomes red and it breathes.
  • Fatigued 
    • Face pattern loses color, drools heavily, doesn't use gliding attack, trips afer every run. 

Interaction with the Frenzy, Nalmados Poison, Hyper Status

Frenzied Negureginos's roar sends hunters and small, blast-infused stones flying. Its charges are now a bit faster.

Apex Negureginos do exist. Their charges and movements are now very fast and erratic, making it very hard to hit. However, due to this it has to "catch air" more often (meaning that it will either taunt or shake its head like after a flashbomb), givng opportunities to hit it.

It is immune to the Nalmados poison.

Hyper Negureginos haven't been confirmed yet.


It has the usual Flying Wyvern Mount. However, instead of just roaring, it will charge around the area while doing so. 


Shares attacks with many Bird Wyverns and Flying Wyverns.

  • Roar: Shakes its head and performs a quick roar jerking its head upwards while doing so.
  • Taunt: Paws the earth twice, twitches and growls its mouth agape.
  • Bite: Takes two steps forward chomping twice on whatever is in its direction.
  • Jaw Slam: Jumps forward and rams its jaws into the floor, opening them with great force and causing dirt and rocks to erupt.
  • Charge: Runs towards a target with great speed. It can turn around sharply and perform up to three charges at once.
  • Advanced Charge: It scrapes the ground and starts to run with very high speed, its wings in the air. It finishes this turning around sharply and slamming its wings onto the floor.
  • Aerial Sprint: Runs, getting faster over time. It will lift itself into the air, glide for a short time and jump down on its target (almost like a stereotypical Raptor).
  • Backflip!: Performs a backflip like a Rathian, however, it finishes it with jumping onto a nearby rock, tree or even smaller monster or hunter, using it almost like an Aerial Style Hunter. It glides a short distance and performs another backflip.
  • Raging Climber: While charging, it will search for something to climb, usually a rock or a tree. When it has found something alike it will climb it with only a few jumps. Growling and staring at a target it jumps down, claws spread, trying to maul the target.
  • Swift and Brutal: After a charge Negureginos may perform this attack. It jumps into the air, gliding towards any nearby, climbable obstacle and clings to it. It makes to jumps and pushes itself away from it, trying to crash on its target.
  • Dragon's Force: Growls and charges up something. It starts to run, charging iits Dragon Element Powers up with it.
  • Rampant Charge: Starts to run very fastly through the whole area, sorrounded by a cloud of dragon element. It can't run into obstacles, instead it jumps into the air and climbs them, gliding down again, chaining a charge attack into it.
  • Draconic Charge: WIP.

Music Theme

AudioBlade - City of Sand01:46

AudioBlade - City of Sand


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Habitat Range

Ecological Niche

Biological Adaptations


Introduction Cutscene


  • Location: Ancient Outback, Area 6
  • Synopsis: The hunter enters the Area quietly, as he/her knows that there's a Cantios roaming the area (the Quest description states that the hunter has to watch out for it). There's a wind blowing gently, the hunter coughs as a dust cloud hits him/her. Suddenly, the cloud turns red and explodes with an incredible force. The hunter is thrown against one of the huge bones, when suddenly he has to dive, as a Negureginos is thrown in the same spot. It stands up and shakes its head, scratches the earth twice and charges towards a shadow. The shadow reveals itself to be a Cantios, roaring loudly. The Negureginos sees an opportunity to attack and jumps at the Cantios, stretching out its claws and charging up a red beam. The Cantios notices its mistake, panics and wants to fly away, but it's too late. The Negureginos grabs its neck and scratches it, fatally wounding the Cantios. However, it doesn't notice the wound at first, being so fearful and in panic, that it attempts to fly away. However, this fails, as it can only flap its wings for a second, before falling down and crashing into another huge bone. The hunter has turned around and wants to sneak away but breaks a small stick. The Negureginos, already enraged, paws the ground, shakes its head, roars violently and starts to charge at the hunter - the hunt begins


  • The concept behind it was a merge between the abandoned creation Shredder Cantios and the old concept for Negureginos.
  • A rival for Cantios was planned for a long time.
  • It's currently uknown if there will be a hunting Quest that has the player hunt both a Cantios and a Negureginos.

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