Neeraiga by Setheo
Titles Bling Whale
Nicknames Willy, Nee
General Info
Species Fish
Habitats Frantic Bay, Southern Reef
Size 3300.00 cm
1980.40 cm
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Super Water lazor
Elements Element Water Water
Ailments Severe Waterblight Waterblight
Weaknesses Element Wind Wind
Creator Setheo


Neeraiga are large sea mammal-like Fishes which reside in the Frantic Bay and Southern Reef, their are equal to the size of a Lagiacrus and are a great threat to smaller monsters such as Ludroth, its main prey are the many assortments of Fish which reside within its area, similar to a whale it will swallow vast amounts of Fish by simply opening its mouth while swimming into a pack of them.


They are extremely dangerous to hunters and certain monsters alike as their jaws are big enough to swallow a hunter whole, it will suck in water when a hunter is near to try to swallow the hunter and the hunter's only chance of surviving is to escape the flow of water into its mouth.


Neeraiga also possess long and sharp claws which protrude from its head down to its upper back which it uses for defence and possibly even attack when charging, its thick, and strong tail can cause great amounts of damage to any living creature, a precise enough swing could be believed to even shatter a large Leviathan's ribcage.

Breakable Parts

  • Spikes x2
  • Tail (Break) x1
  • Fins x2



  • Hunting Horn: Neera's Blessing
  • Great Sword: Raiga Splitter