Mossy Agnaktor
Mossy Agnaktor by Cottonmouth255
Titles Earth Spear Wyvern, Swaddled Armor
Nicknames M.Aggy, Green Agna
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Old Swamp, Old Jungle, Swamp, Flooded Forest, Primal Forest, Wet Rainforest, Murky Bog
Size 3394.3 cm
2416.1 cm
Relatives Agnaktor, Glacial Agnaktor
Signature Move Earthen Laser
Elements Element Earth Earth
Ailments Element Earth Earthblight
Status Mudded Muddy
Status Stun Stun
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Creator Cottonmouth255

The Mossy Agnaktor is a subspecies of Agnaktor that lives in swampy regions. Similar to the original Agnaktor, its hide becomes armored if it stays above ground long enough. Its beak is short and dull due to generations of burrowing through soft mud.

English: Mossy Agnaktor

Japanese: Agunakutoru Kishou Shu

Latin: Crocidilimorph muscarma

In-Game Information

A Leviathan that swaddles itself in shrubbery to protect its earthy hide. Due to burrowing through mud, its beak is short and dull, and it sprays high-pressured dirt from an internal storage sac. Beware, as if it spends too much time above ground, its mossy armor will grow back.

Introductory Cutscene

Location: Primal Forest Area 1

Synopsis: A small earthquake rocks the area, and a trail of dirt begins to head down the path, soon turning into a trail of water as it reaches the pond. Two Slagtoth rear up and moan as they detect a predator in the area. The camera focuses on the ground beneath one of the Slagtoth, and there's an explosion of dirt and water as something ambushes its prey...

The hunter enters the area and immediately jumps out of the way of a Slagtoth running his/her way. After the hunter avoids the fleeing Herbivore, he/she catches sight of the Mossy Agnaktor, its back to him/her as it feasts on the recently-killed Slagtoth. When it finishes up its meal, the Mossy Agnaktor raises its head and sees the hunter out of the corner of its eye. As it turns around to face the hunter, moss starts to creep over its skin and form a layer of squishy armor.

The Agnaktor suddenly lets out a screech and lunges at the hunter, who stumbles backwards in an attempt to avoid it. The Mossy Agnaktor's beak plunges into the ground in front of the hunter, and the Leviathan slowly begins to burrow into the ground as the hunter stands up and prepares for the hunt.

Basic Information

Monster Class: Leviathan

Weakness: Ice

Element: Earth

Status Ailments: Earthblight, Muddy, Stun

Habitats: Old Swamp, Old Jungle, Swamp, Flooded Forest, Primal Forest, Murky Bog


  • Cannot fire projectile attacks when low on stamina
  • Kills and eats Slagtoth or Aptonoth to recover stamina
  • Huffs black smoke when enraged
  • Vulnerable to Sonic Bombs right after digging
  • Drops a shiny when Sonic Bombed while vulnerable
  • Moss grows on its body and makes weapons bounce off when it remains above ground - the moss is scraped off whenever it burrows


Mossy Agnaktor can be carved three times, have its tail severed, have all of its parts broken - beak, chest, fin, tail, and all four claws - and drop an item.

Note: Items are listed in order from most common to least common.


Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Dark Brown M.Agnaktor Scale+ The mud-brown scale of the Mossy Agnaktor. When cleaned off, it is revealed to be quite glamorous.
Carapace Icon Dark Brown M.Agnak Carapace A hard shell from an Agnaktor subspecies. Constantly covered in mud, seeds, and grime.
Hide Icon Green M.Agnaktor Cloak+ The mossy layer that Mossy Agnaktors cloak themselves in. The unusual variety of plant life is comfortable to lay down on.
Bone Icon Dark Brown M.Agnaktor Beak+ Smaller and blunter than an ordinary Agnaktor beak, this weapon has regressed significantly through evolution.
Webbing Icon Green M.Agnaktor Fin+ This fin slices through mud and earth as if it isn't there. It is swaddled in moss and mold.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Brown M.Agnaktor Tail The dull brown-and-green tail of a Mossy Agnaktor. There is nothing really notable about it.
Monster Parts Icon Green Herbaceous Pleura A layer of webbing covered in various mosses and lichens. Besides being fashionable, it is very warm to the touch.
Sac Icon Dark Brown Earthy Sac An organ in which earth is stored. It is mixed with water and is ready to be expelled.


Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Dark Brown M.Agnaktor Shard A disgusting grimy scale on the face of it, but when cleaned it glimmers with a beautiful radiance.
Carapace Icon Dark Brown M.Agnak Cortex A super-tough carapace from a Mossy Agnaktor. It is swaddled in soft mosses and other plants.
Hide Icon Green M.Agnaktor Blanket This soft collection of mosses and fungi makes an incredibly luxurious covering. Often used as eco-friendly cloaks and carpets.
Bone Icon Dark Brown M.Agnaktor Pecker This beak has evolved to cut through the soft dirt and mud of swampy habitats. It has no value to humankind.
Webbing Icon Green Fine M.Agnak Fin Covered in different kinds of plant life, this fin is very desirable despite being quite dirty in nature.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Brown M.Agnaktor Flail A long and flexible tail that came from a swamp-dwelling Agnaktor. It carries the seeds of various plants.
Monster Parts Icon Green Overgrown Pleura Comfortable to the taste and touch, this Mossy Agnaktor webbing contains tons of nutritious plant life.
Sac Icon Dark Brown Grime Sac This sac contains unfertile soil. It extracts all the nutrients and feeds it into the monster's metabolism.



Charge: Crawls forward at a fast pace toward the target.

Low Bite: Lowers its head to the ground and bites twice while crawling forward.

Body Slam: Rears up on its hind legs, then slams into the ground. (Muddy, no armor)

Single Peck: Slams its beak into the ground once. (Muddy)

Crazed Peck: Crawls forward while forcefully pecking the ground four times. (Muddy)

Tail Snap: Swings its head all the way behind it, then snaps its tail back. (Stun, armor)

Double Hip Check: Positions its side toward the target, slides forward, then whips its body around to the other side.

Slip n' Slide: Lowers its head and arches its back, then rapidly slides forward. When enraged, the Mossy Agnaktor can home in on the target. (Stun, armor)

Burrowed Rocket: While underground, pokes its beak out of the ground and creates a small fissure in the ground. Then, shoots out of the ground, slamming into the target. In areas with ceilings, it will burrow up into the ceiling before coming back down.

Fin Slice: While underground, it will partially resurface, then swim through the earth toward the target, using its fin to attack. (Muddy)

Burrowing Dolphin: While underground, pokes its beak out without any accompanying fissure, then jumps at the target, burrowing back into the ground and trying again. Often does three or four.

Earthen Laser: Raises its head while snapping its beak, then lowers its head while shooting a beam of dirt straight ahead. (Earthblight, Stun)

Burrowed Laser: While underground, heaves its torso aboveground while propping itself up with its legs. Then snaps its beak and fires an earth beam that it sweeps the perimeter with. (Earthblight, Stun)

Roar: Wiggles its head and slightly opens its mouth, then screeches loudly.

G-Rank Onwards

Rapid-Fire Laser: Raises its head, pauses, then forcefully snaps its beak twice. Then lowers its head and shoots three short earth beams left, right, and in front. It often uses the left and right beams to "box in" a target, then nails it with the center one. (Earthblight, Stun)

Earthen Laser: Will perform the animation while wiggling its head, then release a beam that it sweeps from left to right. (Earthblight, Stun)



Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -10
  • Water +15
  • Thunder +10
  • Ice -20
  • Earth +20
  • Sky (0)
  • Dragon -5

Skills: Negate Stun, Biology, Tenderizer, Doggy Paddler


Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -10
  • Water +15
  • Thunder +10
  • Ice -20
  • Earth +35
  • Sky (0)
  • Dragon -5

Skills: Earth Res +15, Biology, Tenderizer, Doggy Paddler


Dual Blades

Dichotomy II --> Heatwavers --> Earthbending Heat


Dirty Fencer --> Earthen Fenceblade --> Subterra Pirate


Spiral Soil --> Agnaktor Mosslance --> Swaddlagnaktor

Switch Axe

Nature Storm --> Overgrown Tempest --> Helstrong Bluntblade

Heavy Bowgun

Agna Earthquake --> Agna Terra --> Agna Earthworm


  • The Mossy Agnaktor's Latin name means "crocodile-like, with moss armor".
  • When it burrows underground, it comes up without its armor. If it spends enough time above ground, the moss will grow over it and cause weapons to bounce off of its various parts, unless the armor is broken off.
  • Its weapons are all upgraded from Agnaktor weapons. They have horrible Sharpness, but deal excellent raw and Earth-element damage.
  • Its armor introduces new skills called Earth Res +15 and Earth Res +20. What those skills do is self-explanatory.