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Now that MHPG takes place a few thousand years later after the second Great Dragon War new species have been evolved and sprouted into this world. Some of the new monster Classes that have been created by that are: Chloro Wyvern, Mollusks and Behemoths.

Aside from those new monster classes there have been two new sub classes created within the original monster classes; Water Wyvern from Leviathans and Aviors from the Bird Wyvern class.

There will be along the normal Species; Subspecies, Rare Supspecies, Deviants, Hard Core and Origin Species. For those who don't know what these species classes are this <<link>> will explain it. The terms are from the official game series (Main and Frontier).

All monsters from main series are gone (only few will remain). Instead there will be a new "Set" of monster available to hunt. There will be about 100+ (Small Monsters: 25 (+), Large Monsters: 75 (+)) Monsters available.

  • Neopterons remaining in the Game: Konchu, Vespoid, Hornetaur, Altaroth and Bnahabra
  • Herbivores remaining in the Game: Apceros, Aptonoth and Larinoth.