The Mirror Lake (Japanese 鏡湖) is a hunting ground located around a wide, still, freshwater lake whose surface reflects the sky as a mirror. It's the habitat of a variety of monsters.


Mirror Lake Map by Narwhaler
  • Base camp: Located on the calm shore of the lake and surrounded by tall brown reeds, one can see the wide lake standing in front of the camp. There's a stranded white boat on the shore.
  • Zone 1: A long, white sand shore surrounded by tall reeds, with dry branches going out of the sand. A flock of black birds can be seen flying around it. During the night the area fills with fireflies.
  • Zone 2: A huge rock located in the middle of the lake, it's slightly slope, covered in moss and limited by bushes and water, a single tree covers the area with a fresh shade.
  • Zone 3: A wider extension of shore where reeds stop growing and the limits are marked by a prominent white outcropping, a stream of water flows over it, creating a waterfall, and then keeps going till the shore. There are rounded rocks that hunters can use to jump, and a path of rocks leads to the isle in the middle of the lake.
  • Zone 4: A little area comprended by cascade geyser pools, some of them contain fish, Felynes are usually seen here.
  • Zone 5: A wide area of still shallow water, limited by reeds. There's a giant tree in the middle of the area which is crooked due to the strong winds. One side of it is completely dry, while the other is blossoming with lilac flowers that fall and float on the water. There are dry logs that hunters can use to jump.
  • Zone 6: Furthest area of the lake, similar to zone 5 with an ethereal feeling on it, limited by deep blue water. There's a giant skeleton of an unknown creature at one side that reflects on the water, the wind blows through the bones filling the area with a strange symphony. Hunters can use the skull and the tail as ledges to jump.


  • Small monsters: Bnahabra, Felyne, Melynx, Kelbi, Aptonoth, Slagtoth, Hermitaur.
  • Big monsters: Zinogre, Chameleos, Daimyo Hermitaur, Qurupeco, Najarala, Mizutsune, Risvoegnel, ???...


  • At night, area 6 limits will be marked by luminous bacteria.

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