Titles Foul-Smelling Beast
Nicknames Miri
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Arctic Ridge
Great Forest
Jurassic Frontier
Size Medium
Relatives None
Signature Move Smelly Poison
Elements None
Ailments Status Poison Poison
Status Noxious Poison Noxious Poison
Status Soiled Soiled
Weaknesses Element Earth Earth
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Miris (ミリス, Mirisu) is a Fanged Beast.


Miris is coated with dark purple fur. Four stripes of cream-colored fur run along its body, starting from the neck to the tip of its long, bushy tail. It has a white-colored underbelly, and four legs that end in white paws with three black claws. It has two pointed ears that appear red on the inside.


Miris can spray a poisonous, foul-smelling liquid from its rear in order to drive attackers away. The longer it allows the liquid to ferment within its body, the more powerful the smell and toxicity.


Miris are skittish, solitary creatures when not breeding.


Miris are known to inhabit the Arctic Ridge, Great Forest, Jungle, Jurassic Frontier, Tundra.



Fanged beasts that produce a pungent, toxic fluid that coats theirs tail. They discharge this fluid by whipping their tails around. This poison can even send a Deviljho retreating just from one whiff.


  • Order: Pelagusia  
  • Suborder: Hard Claw
  • Infraorder: Skunk Beast
  • Family: Miris

Miris is a skunk-like Fanged Beast.

Habitat Range

Miris in the Old World Arctic Ridge, Great Forest, Jungle, and the Jurassic Frontier while in the New World Miris inhabit the Tundra.

Ecological Niche

They eat small insects such as Bnahabra, Altaroth, and Vespoid, along with vegetation and mushrooms. No other predators have actually been documented preying on Miris to due the repulsive odor of their tail fluid, though some larger monsters have attempted it.

Biological Adaptations

The main feature of Miris is the putrid toxin that coats its tail. The poison is secreted at the base of the tail and travels along the length of the tail until it is completely coated in a thin layer of poison. Miris does not directly make the poison itself, but rather makes it from the various insects it eats (Bnahabra, Altaroth, and Vespoid). Miris is responsible for the smell, however. By whipping its tail around it can fling this fluid at attackers, both poisoning them and simulating the effects of a Dung Bomb. The longer it allows the liquid to ferment within its body, the more powerful the smell and toxicity. Its fur helps it keep warm in colder climates.


Miris are skittish, solitary creatures when not breeding. In colder regions, they may gather in dens for warmth. The mother is protective of her kits, spraying at any sign of danger. The male plays no part in raising the young.


  • Miris is obviously based off skunks and its name from the Croatian word for odor. Miris is also based off the Dung Bomb item.
  • The tail can be broken.
  • When low of stamina, Miris won't be able to spray Hunters.
  • In lower ranks, its fluid will cause Poison while in higher ranks it causes Deadly Poison. It also causes Soiled status, regardless of what rank its fought in.

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