Mikiragaan by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Spiky Forest Brute, Spike in the Green
Nicknames Durambura, Uramboros, Spiky Chin
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Jungle (2nd), Verdant Hills, Misty Peaks, Primal Forest, Everwood, Jurrasic Frontier, Primal Coastline, Moor, Lost City, Sherin Peaks, Scarlet Field
Size Smallest: 3344.48 cm

Largest: 4110.84cm

Relatives Uragaan, Steel Uragaan, Crystalbeard Uragaan, Graphite Uragaan, Glittering Uragaan, Forestguardian Mikiragaan
Signature Move Spike Uppercut
Elements Element Earth Earth
Element Water Water
Ailments Status Confusion Confusion
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator Rathalosaurus rioreurensis

Mikiragaan is an Origin Species (始種) introduced in MHOG. It is an ancestor of Uragaan, living in forested and temperate areas.


A very ancient species, said to be extinct decades ago, only to reappear in certain forested areas. It is bigger than the average Uragaan, the largest being as big as Duramboros. It has a back looking less like Uragaan, but more like a Duramboros, without the humps however, and with some shiny rounded spikes. It has got a rounded, softer belly, where it stores a large amount of mud and earth in. Its chin is less prominent looking more like a spike than a hammer, which is coloured striking orange and bent upwards. It is used as both as a weapon, and to tear up the floor, searching for roots and tubers this beasts mainly feed on. Its tail looks almost the same as Uragaan's, however it lacks the ores attached to usual Uragaan tails, instead, there are vines and thorny branches, glued to its body with resin. They get the resin by smashing trees and wallowing in them. Its main colour is a sandy brown, with green stripes.

Instead of releasing gas, they leak a sweat-like fluid, that can inflict confusion when it comes into contact with a human body.


These beasts appear to be gentile and calm, but they are quite aggressive. Their temper is explosive and they are easy to anger. Thus, they are limited to Special G-Rank permission.

Because of them being the ruler of the forest live in, they don't have many rivals, and only one true, the mighty Spiderqueen Nerscylla. They compete over territory, and often the Nerscylla starts the fight because it knows that the Mikiragaan can end its life when it is not careful enough. However, due to the Mikiragaan often forgetting anything when fighting, it can be killed by the Nerscylla's poison.


This Brute Wyvern has developed the unique ability to leak a body fluid that can cause the confusion status effect. It gains this ability by feeding on special plants - which are not confusion-causing, but get this ability due to fermenting in the body of the Mikiragaan. It can also spit earthy globs, which cause a hunter's weapon sharpness to decrease. One can indicate when the Mikiragaan runs out of earth, because its belly will start to shrink and it will fail to spit earth clods, coughing instead, and then spit a large ball - when enraged, it is a beam - of confusion causing liquid.


Mikiragaan Icon An early Uragaan ancestor, living only in forested areas. It has a spiked chin and knows several ways to use it. Beware, because it can spit earthy clods, and release a fluid that can cause confusion. Only the best hunters can defeat these beasts.

Rage and Tired States

  • Enraged
    • It starts to huff light green dust and its belly looks almost swollen, getting flashy light-brown.
  • Tired
    • Its belly will shrink even more, and its spike will decolor, getting pale brown

Interaction with the Frenzy, Apex, Nalmados Poison, Hyper Status

Mikiragaan can be infected and affected with and by all the three. Frenzied Mikiragaan is unchanged, Apex Mikiragaan can use a new Confusion Fluid Beam, done in the fashion of Deviljho's dragon beam.

It can also get poisoned by the strange Nalmados Poison. Its hide will loose all stripes, it will get a dark purple hue, and all the plants and vines will wither and get brown.

Hyper Mikiragaan is just the same as the changes to the Uragaan in the Hyper Status, save for the Black Dust.

(Note: Poisoned and Hyper Mikiragaan only appear as intruders in G-, and Ultra Rare G3-Quests)


It has the usual Brute Wyvern mount. However, when enraged, it gets the ability to release the liquid on its back, causing confusion, which will make it nearly impossible to succeed in mounting.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

  • Forestguardian Mikiragaan: A horrific form of the Mikiragaan, revealing the power that is hid in its normal form. These beasts are very, very aggressive, beating even Rathalos or Deviljho. They don't have many enemies, Chameleos being the only true one.
  • HC Mikiragaan: Male Mikiragaan during mating season. These Mikiragaan are competing over females, thus they are very aggressive and


Note: The Mikiragaan can perform almost every attack the other Brute Wyverns use, so the attacks that are listed here are unique to this monster.

While calm:

  • Roar: Roars in the manner of Rathalos (without the wings of course), taking a step forward while doing this,.
  • Chin Smash: Smashes its chin into the ground, causing mediocre damage.
  • Running Chin Smash: Smashes its chin into the ground, and starts to run.
  • Fluid release: Rears up, only to release a greenish fluid, that causes confusion. The attack is performed in the manner of Gravios.
  • 360 degrees smash: Slashes through the air with its chin spike, then turns around to smash the hunter with its tail.
  • Thorny Tail Smash: Hits the ground with its tail. The attack is performed either in the manner of Duramboros or Diablos, hitting the floor twice.
  • Earthy Spit: Will rear up, spitting a big, earthy clod.
  • Multiple Earth Clods: Spits either three or four earth clods.
  • Falltraps: The Mikiragaan will smash the ground multiple times, leaving holes behind. If a hunter falls into one of them, they will get stuck.
  • Spike Uppercut: The Mikiragaan will stab its chin spike into the ground, only to draw it back violently - this launches the hunter - wich causes it to roll backwards, in the fashion of usual Uragaans. However, when they roll, they do not roll as smooth and nice as Uragaans, instead they wobble and shake around while rolling.
  • Confusing Fluid Spit: (Only when it ran out of earth) It will perform the same movements as when spitting earth clods, but due to their belly being empty, they will cough violently, and then spit a ball of confusion causing fluid.
  • Tree-Out of the floor: The Mikiragaan will perform the Brute Wyvern Hipcheck, however it won't be aimed at a hunter, it will always be aimed at a random, large tree, tearing it out of the floor. The Mikiragaan will then pick the tree up with its mouth. The Mikiragaan will then move forward, shaking its head violently in an attempt to hit the hunter with the tree. It finishes the attack crushing the tree.

When enraged:

  • Roar, with confusion fluid: While roaring in the manner of Duramboros, fluid will come out of its pores. It enters rage mode like that.
  • Plow: Stabs the floor with its chin and then turns around, leaving behind a circle in the floor. It can finish this attack either with a Spike Uppercut or a Running Chin Smash.
  • Forward Slash: It will growl, and then launch its chin sideways multiple times, moving slightly forward.
  • Charged Earth Clod: It will crouch, appearing to charge for a few seconds. Then its belly will first inflate to a huge size, deflate right after and the Mikiragaan will then spit a HUGE wave of mud, inflicting the Muddy Status and Earthblight.
  • Confusion Beam: It will perform the exact same action as when doing the Confusion Fluid Spit but instead of coughin it will charge up, click its jaws together several times and fire a beam of Confusion causing fluid, wich can also cause waterblight.
  • Fast Charge: The Mikiragaan will growl and then start to run, finishing this with a bite that pins hunters.
  • Pin: There are three pins the Mikiragaan can perform:
    1. Chin Pin: The Mikiragaan will nail down the hunter with its chin, pushing its head down several times, adn if the hunter doesn't get out of the pin, it will stab them with its chin spike.
    2. Wallow Pin: The Mikiragaan will first roar and then smash its foot down, and if the hunter doesn't get out of the pin, the Mikiragaan will lay down bckwards on the hunter and will wallow on them. The ''get-out-bar'' will vanish, making this pin deadly.
    3. Confusion-causing-Pin: The Mikiragaan will step on the hunter, nailing it down, and it will then cough violently and fire a beam of confusion causing fluid - wich can easily kill the hunter, making the Confusion Status allmost useless.
  • Advanced Uppercut: The Mikiragaan will make a similar movement as when performing its Spike Uppercut, but it won't do a single attack. Instead, it will move forward while launching its head up multiple times.

Music Theme

The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone OST Dead Man's Party Music - Party Theme01:41

The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone OST Dead Man's Party Music - Party Theme

The odd, happy sounding Mikiragaan theme.


The Mikiragaan can give a lot of unique materials.

  • G-Rank:
Icon Item Name Desciption Qty Drop Rate Type
Scale Icon Light Green

Hard Mikiragaan Scale

These scales can protect from extreme danger when touched. 1-2 38% Body Carve - Shiny Drop
Scale Icon Dark Green Mikiragaan Tail Scale One can feel the temper of the Mikiragaan whenever these beautiful scales are handled. 1 22% Body Carve - Tail Carve
Carapace Icon Dark Green

Mikiragaan Shell

You can see layers and layers of ancient resin. Is that an insect trapped in it? 1 29% Body Carve
Sac Icon Brown Earth Sac Don't open it, as the mud in it is very, very sticky and disgusting. 1 15% Body Carve
Bone Icon Grey Mikiragaan Back Spike These rounded spikes grow with every year. Loved for its colour and gloss. 1 20% Body Carve - Break Back Spikes
Claw Icon Brown Heavy Rounded Fang Hunters can hear the crushed trees and branches. A powerful tool. 1-2 20% Body Carve - Break Head
Hide Icon Dark Green Hard Mikiragaan Hide Hide usually hid underneath the scales. Once tanned it withstands the most powerful blades. 1 15% Body Carve - Tail Wound
Hide Icon Brown Mikiragaan Belly Hide Elastic and flexible hide. Due to this, one can never determine its true form. 1 10% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Dark Green Mikiragaan Bone Marrow Strong green bone marrow. Handle it carefully as it can dissolve quickly and get lost in the air. 1 10% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Green Mikiragaan Medulla Used for strong armors and weapons. It can buff the defense to unknown levels. 1 8% Body Carve
Medicine Icon Green Green Fluid Used either as medicine or poison. It can heal wounds or leave them open for decades, causing never known pain. 1 20% Body Carve - Shiny Drop
Dung Icon Brown Shiny Mud Even better than Fertile Mud. The best for farming. 1 25% Body Carve - Shiny Drop
Bone Icon Orange Orange Chin Spike The weapon and major tool of the Mikiragaan. It cannot be crafted and has to be used as is. 1 15% Body Carve - Break Head
Scale Icon Brown Mikiragaan Tail Plate Very hard to get, as it is hid under layers of resin and branches. 1 8% Body Carve - Tail Carve - Wounded Tail
Mantle Icon Green Mikiragaan Mantle God-like scale. The holder is said to claim heaven and rule over earth. 1 3% Body Carve - Tail Carve - Break Back Spines
Ball Icon Light Green Forest Soul Ruby The possessor feels the beating heart of the forest this gem came from. You can see through the eyes of the trees. 1 1% Body Carve - Break Head



Note: Due to the Confusion Ailment being exclusive for monsters, Mikiragaan weapons replace that with the Sleep Status Effect.

Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description Price
Great Sword Icon Magenta Mikiragi Plow-Blade 312 45% White/Purple Earth - 570 Looks like made in ancient times. Whenever it is swung, you hear the forest breathing. 180000z
Long Sword Icon Magenta Shiny Lumberjack 300 35% White/Purple Sleep - 700 Old, croocked branch. Due to the sharpened resin it is razor sharp. 175000z
Sword and Shield Icon Magenta Old Club 321 30% White/White Sleep - 540 Made out of a Back Spine of Mikiragaan. Black, glossy and charming. 160000z
Hammer Icon Magenta Chin Smasher 342 45% White/Purple Earth - 870 Chin of the mighty Mikiragaan. When swung, you can hear the screaming trees this chin has destroyed. 200000z
Charge Blade Icon Magenta Towering Tree 308 30% White/Purple Earth - 450 A blade, looking like a shiny tree. Who can withstand its power 180000z



Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Cost
Helmet Icon Magenta Midori Helmet 108~150 ooo Looking like it was made of a single piece of bark. The leaf tuft on the top looks sweet. 28800z
Chest Icon Magenta Midori Chestplate 108~150 o - - Green, organic piece of armor. The pattern in the centre forms the tree of life. 28800z
Arm Icon Magenta Midori Arms 108~150 oo - Only the best and hardest branches were used to craft this masterpiece. 28800z
Waist Icon Magenta Midori Belt 108~150 - - - The clasp is the friendly grinning face of a Forest God. It is carved out of one of the Spikes of Mikiragaan. 28800z
Leg Icon Magenta Midori Legs 108~150 ooo Extremely light. The first layers have been crocheted out of leaves, the rest is the armor of Mikiragaan. 28800z

Skills: Dirty Fencing, Elemental Crit, Element Atk Up, Edgemaster, Green Tank, Horrible Luck


Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Cost
Helmet Icon Magenta Chairo Coif 62~98 o - - Brown, beautiful cap. Organic, light and very proctective. You can smell the essence of live. 28800z
Chest Icon Magenta Chairo Panel 62~98 ooo Represents the breathing forest. Feel the trees, from the roots to the leaves. 28800z
Arm Icon Magenta Chairo Bracer 62~98 - - - One arm is made out of the chin of the mighty Mikiragaan. You can knock down a cow with it. 28800z
Waist Icon Magenta Chairo Girdle 62~98 oo - The belt is made out of an old, dangling vine. The clasp is polished wood, wich gives you good karma. 28800z
Leg Icon Magenta Chairo Greaves 62~98 - - - Be very careful with these greaves, as they can turn you into a tree, if they are not carried carefully enough. 28800z

Skills: Focus, Load Up, Silver Bullet, Green Tank, Horrible Luck


Spiky Forest Brute

Mikiragaan Icon
Hunt 1 Mikiragaan
Reward: 20000z Location: Jungle
Contract Fee: 1500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 1400 Subquest: Break the chin
Sub.Reward: 3500z Sub.HR-Points: 200
Other Monsters:
  • Velociprey
  • Kelbi
  • Aptonoth
Client: Faithful Scientist

A tremble shattered the land. It was horrible and beautiful at the same time. I saw a wyvern that looked like a living tree. It looked so majestic, but I don't know where it came from. Get me some samples!

Spike in the Green

Mikiragaan Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt 1 Mikiragaan
Reward: 20000z Location: Verdant Hills
Contract Fee: 1500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 1400 Subquest: Break its back
Sub.Reward: 3500z Sub.HR-Points: 200
Other Monsters:
  • Aptonoth
  • Cantios
  • Spider Queen Nerscylla
Client: Grinning Old Lady

You think you know the forest? Go hunt down its gatekeeper and if you succeed, tell me your story. Beware, as the gatekeeper may get help from anyone. Can you survive a walk through the heart of the forest?

The Chin and the Tusk

Mikiragaan Icon Gajuthanu Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt 1 Mikiragaan and 1 Gajuthanu
Reward: 40000z Location: Primal Forest
Contract Fee: 4500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 7500 Subquest: Deliver 5 Moonshine Herbs
Sub.Reward: 2500z Sub.HR-Points: 450
Other Monsters:
  • Aptonoth
  • Mizutsune
  • Spider Queen Nerscylla
Client: Shrugging Child

I was playing in the forest, right? Then there was a terrible scream. One of my friends was running away, te-terrified b-b-by something. Then I saw it. There were two moving things. A living tree and a furry mountain with tusks. HELP OUR PEOPLE!!!

Trembling Coast

Mikiragaan Icon Ferrumos Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt 1 Mikiragaan
Reward: 40000z Location: Primal Forest
Contract Fee: 4500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 7500 Subquest: Break Mikiragaan's back
Sub.Reward: 5500z Sub.HR-Points: 600
Other Monsters:
  • Mosswine
  • Maccao
  • Tetsucabra
  • Glavenus
Client: Local Fisherman

I have just been attacked!!! I was trying to get my nets out of the water, when suddenly a Croc-Like Flying Wyvern jumped out of the water and bit my boat in half. As I was trying to get my stuff back home, a huge green tank rushed at me. Its plow-ish chin was as big as one thousand mackerels together. Could you help me?

Frenzied Forest

Mikiragaan Icon MH10th-Duramboros Icon Frenzy Quest Icon
Hunt 1 Mikiragaan
Reward: 40000z Location: Primal Forest
Contract Fee: 4500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 8500 Subquest: Suppress one wyvern's frenzy
Sub.Reward: 5500z Sub.HR-Points: 600
Other Monsters:
  • Jaggi
  • Ioprey
  • Maccao
  • Mizutsune
  • Seltas
Client: Shrugging Child

I have been attacked!!! I did nothing, just collecting mushrooms. The two Wyverns were like living tanks and trees fused together, a strange mist sorrounded their faces and seemed to affect them strangely. I will pay you everything you want if you make the forest safe again.

Hakuna Mikiragata

MH10th-Great Jaggi Icon MH10th-Bulldrome Icon Mikiragaan Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt all large monsters
Reward: 45000z Location: Jurassic Frontier
Contract Fee: 4500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 9000 Subquest: Break the G.Jaggi's frill
Sub.Reward: 5500z Sub.HR-Points: 600
Other Monsters:
  • Aptonoth
  • Savage Deviljho
  • Spider Queen Nerscylla
Client: Wycoon

One of my trading friends got trapped in the Jurassic Frontier. I can't help him, neither can my other friends. If you help him, more things will be unlocked for trading, and I will tell you the lyrics of a special song, whose melody you surely know...

Water Waves, Lighting Bolts and Earth Clods

Mikiragaan Icon MH10th-Royal Ludroth Icon MH10th-Lagiacrus Icon MH10th-Barroth Icon
Hunt all large Monsters
Reward: 60000z Location: Primal Coastline
Contract Fee: 6500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 9500 Subquest: Hunt 5 Ludroth
Sub.Reward: 4500z Sub.HR-Points: 800
Other Monsters:
  • Mosswine
  • Maccao
  • Ludroth
Client: Veggie Elder

Damn it!! Why are there so many monsters out here. First, I got overwhelmed by huge earth clods, then I got soaked by water waves, deep-fried by lightning and again soaked by water, and to top it off huge mud waves covered me from head to toe.Please, could you eliminate all those... hazards?


Mikiragaan Icon MHGen-Glavenus Icon Deviljho Icon Rust Duramboros Icon-MH10th
Hunt all large monsters
Reward: 60000z Location: Arena
Contract Fee: 6500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 9500 Subquest: none
Sub.Reward: none Sub.HR-Points: none
Other Monsters:
  • none
Client: Cloaked Man

I am the master of time. Can you survive my quest? It's a time travel, back to ancient eras, and ancient beasts. If you succeed, you will gain all of my respect and I will tell you my secret... MUAHAHAHAHA

Earth and Sand Attack

MH10th-Barroth Icon Mikiragaan Icon MH10th-Nibelsnarf Icon MH10th-Sand Barioth Icon
Hunt all large Monsters
Reward: 65000z Location: Arena
Contract Fee: 6500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 9500 Subquest: none
Sub.Reward: none Sub.HR-Points: none
Other Monsters:
  • none
Client: Beautiful Woman

Hello, fellow hunter! I have a small problem. Could you maybe... get my Diamond Ring, wich I lost in a clod of Earth right there in the Arena? I think it should be easy to get, as there surely are n dangers. I will reward you as best as possible!

Adv.: Between Earth's Crust and Earth's Core
Mikiragaan Icon Mikiragaan Icon Apex Quest Icon
Hunt 2 Mikiragaan
Reward: 75000z Location: Moor
Contract Fee: 12500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 1400 Subquest: none
Sub.Reward: none Sub.HR-Points: none
Other Monsters:
  • none
Client: Village Chiefs of Belrina and Val Habar

Good day, hunter! All of our villages need your help. We already needed you once, and so do we need you again. This should be our last request, because all monsters shall know and fear you after succeeding!! If you manage to, you are truly an Elite Hunter!!!


  • Unlocks G3-Special Permit Quests 



The Mikiragaan is a distant relative of the Uragaan. It shares many traits with its ancestor (who also is the direct ancestor of Uragaan) - a Brute Wyvern whose arms still were underdeveloped wings - as for example the behavior, and several corporal features.

Habitat Range

The Mikiragaan is found primarily in forested areas, such as the Jungle, Forest and Hills, etc. They prefer heavily forested areas, because there are more plants and trees to feed on.

Ecological Niche

Mikiragaan is the same oddity in the food chain, however in a different way. It has no natural predators, but is no predator itself, feeding on huge amounts of plants, tubers and, sometimes, small bits of ores. Its lower jaw is as hard as Uragaan's, but more suited to its task as a plow. The Brute uses its ''plow'' to dig up its food.

The Raths, top predators in some of the environments the Mikiragaan lives in, are not adapted to prey on Mikiragaan; they are suited for smaller prey like Aptonoth or Kelbi. The aggressive Deviljho avoids the Mikiragaan as best as possible, due to the Confusion fluid. The same goes for Tigrex and Zinogre (who sometimes also follows wandering Mikiragaans, because they swirl up Bugs and Insects when walking). The only predators capable of preying on or killing Mikiragaan are Yama Kurai, Chameleos and the rare Laokirin (who is extensively large and powerful).

Mikiragaan can be very dangerous, sometimes even when not attacking. Occasionally, it will release a Confusion causing substance to lower pressure inside its body, or rarely, drop chunks of resin who can be worth a lot of money. A wandering Mikiragaan can leave paths of destruction in forests. However, by digging up the floor and removing dead or dying plants, they help the forest to regenerate with more vibrant plants.

Biological Adaptations

Mikiragaan can create an arsenal of weapons by wallowing in resin, attaching thorny branches and vines to itself, much like its volcanic counterpart, Uragaan.. Their chins can be used as a spear and a (underdeveloped) hammer. They're capable of releasing the said fluid by eating plants and fermenting them in its belly. Their chin evens their center of gravity, so their legs can lift the huge body. The trick that Uragaan use to move around, the rolling, is not present on Mikiragaan. However, some of its attacks show a pre-form of the rolling.


Like their relatives, Mikiragaan can be very aggressive. Male Mikiragaan compete over females by attaching colourful and bright flowers to their bodies during mating season. The male with the most beautiful flowers usually wins. However, when two males encounter who have got the same level of beauty, they will fight to death.

Introduction Cutscene


  • Location: Jungle, Area 9
  • Synopsis: The hunter enters the Area, breathing heavily because of the humidity and the heat. They see the small pond and slowly go towards it. They start drinking and cooling themselves with the water, when suddenly something cracks behind them. A huge Brute Wyvern breaks through the vegetation, slowly marching towards the same water body. It hasn't noticed the hunter yet, so they manage to roll away. They stare in amazement as the wyvern smashes a large tree and starts eating from its remains. It then turns to the water and starts to drink from it, when it suddenly starts to dig up large earth clods. It chews on them and swallows them, its belly slowly extending. The hunter is now aware what monster they are looking at - it is a Mikiragaan! Amazed, they try to get a closer look. However, the Mikiragaan turns around it that very same moment and spots the hunter. Minding its own business, it wants to go its way, but the hunter makes a mistake - they unsheathe their weapon! The Mikiragaan hears that and slowly turns around again, staring at the hunter. It then lets out a bellow and enrages! The hunter realises their mistake and starts to run, but the Mikiragaan is faster - it smashes its chin into the ground, tearing it up and causing tremors. The hunter gets thrown away but manages to stand up again quickly. The Brute Wyvern paws the ground, taunts and roars, showing itself off. As it realises that this does not work as it should it bellows again and starts to cough. The hunter knows what will happen as it sees fluid dripping off the Mikiragaan's jaw and prepares for the hunt. The hunt starts with the Mikiragaan performing a fluid-based attack.


  • Many of the ideas for the attacks go to Narwhaler and Democide
  • The rivalry between Mikiragaan and the Spiderqueen Nerscylla goes so far, that, when in a fight, the Mikiragaan does not stop, even when affected by the Deadly Poison.
  • Oddly, the Spiderqueen Nerscylla appears in almost every single Mikiragaan quest. Even when the Mikiragaan is just an intruder.
  • When found with Gajuthanu , the Mikiragaan will team up with it, possibly hinting any sort of symbiotic relationship.
  • Its armor introduces a new skill, Green Tank. It activates at random, which can be determined by a green glow on the player's right arm. It negates stamina reduction, levels the attack up very high, but makes evading much more difficult, especially rolling - which is a reference to the wobbly and shaky rolling of the Mikiragaan, which only occurs after certain attacks.

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