Migui by Setheo
Titles Ice Shard Dweller
Nicknames Mig
General Info
Species Piscine Wyvern
Habitats Tundra, Frozen Sea, Desert
Size 2120 cm
1245 cm
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Ice shard blasts, Ice walls
Elements Element Ice Ice
Ailments N/A Crystalization
Severe Iceblight Iceblight
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator Setheo

Migui is a shark like monster found in many cold places. It is said to be also found in the desert at night.


Migui are large Piscine Wyverns which dwell in areas such as the Frozen Sea, Desert and even the Tundra. It tends to eat Gigginox when it travels on land, Although Migui is blind it is able to sense enemies or its prey by smell and it's hearing capabilities, it is extremely strong and heavily armoured and usually hunts Gigginox from sensing its movements then breaking out of the ice underneath it.


Although they usually have a carnivorous diet of Gigginox and smaller monsters, if they are unable to find prey maybe because of its senses being weak due to damage while hunting then it will eat rocks and minerals instead. Migui are very agile and use their senses greatly to hunt and to fight against hunters.

In the Desert regions, Migui will make its home in small water filled caves so it can survive, it will have a great advantage here as its senses can be used to hunt more efficiently, for example, monsters that enter the cave that make any noise will echo throughout the cave giving Migui a better chance to land a perfect strike and kill the monster.


Migui's attacks are mostly land based and consist of random and frequent charges in order to strike the hunter, it also has a pin attack where it pauses to sense the hunter then faces the hunter and pounces at them quickly to attempt to pin them under its claws and then eat them until the hunter struggles free.


Migui can also dig through ice and sand (dependant on the area) and strike from below the hunter to cause a great deal of damage. It can also use its long tail to swipe at the hunter if it senses the hunter behind it which will knock back the hunter, giving it time to attack, it is also able to freeze water it has stored within its bad and fire them into a few shards which can cause Iceblight.

Breakable Parts

  • Dorsal Fin x1
  • Tail (Sever)
  • Head x2
  • Claws x2



  • Migui's Breath - Heavy Bowgun
  • Icy Death - Long Sword
  • Migui's Bane - Gunlance