Titles New Volcanic Tyrant

Green God

Nicknames Midomi, Midontor
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Erebus Waste, Erebus Core
Size Giant
Relatives Akantor, Ukanlos
Signature Move Slime Shower
Elements Element Fire (Indirectly)
Ailments Status Blastblight

Severe Fireblight

Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator YukiHerz
 The Midomirumu is a large flightless Flying Wyvern found around the Erebus Volcano.


Similar to Akantor and Ukanlos, Midomirumu is a large quadruped wyvern with vestigial wings on its arms, its head features a single horn between the eyes, it has a reflective black shelling covering most of its body, its tail is long and forked.

Most of its shell is covered in slime and thus it is strong enough to resist explosions.


Midomirumu Icon
The Midomirumu is a large flying wyvern related to Akantor and Ukanlos, it utilizes explosive slime power to take down its foes.

The Midomirumu has an unique community relationship, there is one large Midomirumu and up to 3 other smaller ones, the giant stays in the mouth of the Erebus Waste producing slime to sustain the environment, while the 3 small ones roam in search of possible prey, they eat for themselves and then bring a portion to the large Midomirumu.


The slime is created in a special sac within the monster, it starts combusting once it comes into contact with the air around the Erebus Waste, when fighting in the deeper areas or the Eerebus Core the explosions will cause lava/slime pillars to erupt from the ground, adding fire damage.

It can use its slime in many ways, by throwing it in blobs, by utilizing a short ranged breath attack or, when enraged, by creating a large laser-like slime jet, it can also use its brute force to crack open the Erebus Core and throw rocks, and also to create lava/slime pitfall traps which are fatal to anything.