Mekibia by Setheo
Titles Lotus Wyvern
Nicknames Meki
General Info
Species Behemoth
Habitats Humid areas
Size Medium
Relatives Galbila
Signature Move Tail Hammer Smash
Elements None
Ailments Status Poison, Severe Waterblight
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Thunder
Creator Setheo


Mekibia is an odd, yet somewhat cute-looking Behemoth. Its head has weird antenna-like appendages and a fleshy frill with blue oval patterns. Its feet have surprisingly long claws, since the Behemoth sometimes digs through the soil of rivers or lakes looking for food. However, its most remarkable feature is its tail. The Mekibia attaches an actual lotus to its tail, which gives it its title. The flower is used in a variety of ways.


Mekibia's flower is a multipurpose tool. It releases a sweet scent that lures Neopterons close. Since it floats, the Mekibia hangs upside down in the water, letting its flower above the surface. Once prey comes close, it quickly flips around and snatches them with its long tongue. When they're not hunting, Mekibia can be often seen leisurely floating around on their backs.


As well as using it when hunting, the Mekibia can also use its tail to smash and pound threats with. Its long tongue can strike from a distance and has poisonous saliva. Since Mekibia lives in damps habitats, its wide tail will send water splashing around it when it strikes, potentially causing Waterblight.

Rage and Tired States

When enraged, the oval patters on its frills turn red and starts attacking more relentlessly. When tired, they will leave the area to prey on Neopterons.

Breakable Parts

  • Head
  • Frill
  • Left Front Leg
  • Right Front Leg
  • Tail x2 (not sever)