The Mangrove Estuary (Japanese 海漂林) is a location found in the delta of a tropical river. While the outter beach is quite clean, the water in the inner zones becomes murky and the areas are wrapped by the trees.


Mangrove Estuary Map
  • Base camp: A calm glade surrounded by trees and water.
  • Zone 1: A swampy passage with reeds and an underwater part with great lilypads.
  • Zone 2: A great beach at the entry of the estuary, the sand is white and some grasses grow on it, while bottom is covered with seagrasses, so herbivores normally wander the zone.
  • Zone 3: A huge, but not very deep zone of murky water. The river flows to the sea, but the current is weak, numerous creatures swim around.
  • Zone 4: A narrow underwater path where the stream becomes stronger, mangled roots cover it.
  • Zone 5: A midly deep water zone with a small forested bank.
  • Zone 6: An area with a calm pond, a hollow trunk in the middle of the area serves as entrance to a lynian village.
  • Zone 7: A bright seagrass field located in a rocky aperture, tropical trees grow on the borders.
  • Zone 8: A devious water zone made by the trees, there are ruins covered with roots at the right, and a root tunnel at the left.
  • Zone 9: The root tunnel leads to a calm land zone where monsters rest. Actually there's a ship trapped by the roots.
  • Zone 10: The flooded corridor of the ruins, light comes from the holes in the ceiling, made by the roots.
  • Zone 11: The great flooded room of something like a temple, maybe some treasures can be found here...


  • Small monsters: Arrowana, Catfish, Epioth, Slagtoth, Ludroth, Qemys, Lipetar, Kobaha, ???
  • Big monsters: Royal Ludroth, Gobul, Lagiacrus, Gecobatto, ???

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