Titles Great Jaw Bug
Nicknames Overbite Bug
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Swampy areas
Size Medium
Relatives None
Signature Move Labium Grab, Enzyme Spray
Elements Water, Dragon
Ailments Waterblight, Corroded, Dragonblight
Weaknesses Ice, Fire
Creator Sundewar
Mandiblulu is a Neopteron Found in Swampy Areas.. This massive bug uses a labium, a lower set of mandibles set on a folded-inward, arm-like extension on a hair trigger, to catch and shovel prey into its mouth. It can drag prey from the shore using its labium.

After 7 years, it will crawl on land and shed its skin, becoming the dangerous Mandibligosa, an omnivorous airborne threat that fights with great speed and ferocity.


Mandiblulu is a large, aquatic Neopteron, with compound eyes that glow a deep green color, 4 thick burrowing legs, a pair of spines which act as gills on its rear carapace, and a hardened, moss-green exoskeleton covered in root-like extensions to camouflage itself in its swampy home. It has primitive breathing holes that allow it to breathe on land for long periods of time.


It's often dormant, lying in wait for its main prey, Epioths, to swim by. When they do, its labium launches out and grab it, crushing its prey's shell, and bringing its meal back to its hungry, slicing mandibles, and is adequately consumed. If it grabs prey with a harder shell, it sprays digestive enzymes that, if sprayed on a hunter, inflicts Dragonblight and Corroded.