Lymnokuri by Narwhaler
Titles Sharp Shell Snail
Nicknames Kuri
General Info
Species Mollusk
Habitats Lava Landscape, Sunken Hollow, Volcanic Hollow
Size Medium
Relatives None
Signature Move Frantic Whipping
Shell Slash
Elements Element Fire
Ailments Status Gooey Element Fire Status Defense Down
Weaknesses Element Ice
Creator Narwhaler
Lymnokuri is a rare Mollusk found in volcanic areas.


Lymnokuri has a big spiral shell of orange and black tones that resembles sea snails, it has a row of sharp protrusions running over it and a sharp blade above the orifice, the tip is black and sharp like a stinger. The muscular body is soft and slimmy, quite resistant to bursts, and shines in a pale yellow tone, with white borders. The eyes have leaf shape while the lower tentacles are extremely long and end in hard, stinger-like tips, the tail ends in a sharp stinger as well.


Lymnokuri is found in volcanic areas, and prefers the zones with steam and fumaroles where it keeps itself humid and hot. Lymnokuri is an omnivorous monster that spends most of the time creeping around areas while feeding on a special bacteria that lives in these zones, it is also known for consuming slime mold, carcasses and even small monsters, which it swallows whole. There are some Lymnokuri that become savage and feed on monsters only.

Thanks to its hard shell Lymnokuri can resist attacks from other predators on its habitat, but also counter attacks using its sharp protrusions as a blade. Its tentacles are also quite dangerous and it can become a dangerous monster that will fight fiercely against any threat. Its soft body is quite muscular, allowing it to move surprisingly faster than other mollusks for short periods of time.


The main ability of this monster is using its shell as a deadly weapon by taking different positions and moving its soft body in different ways, for example, it can turn around its head and when its body retracts the conch will move like a scythe. It has a certain variety of moves and it can use its shell like a sycthe, an axe, a guillotine and even a rapier. Sometimes it will hide in its conch for some seconds, making the weapons bounce off.

Lymnokuri can also spit big globs of goo from far and expel a strong gas that decreases hunters defense. Sometimes it will use its antena to hit enemies around its head, or sweep its tail to attack enemies behind it. In rare occasions, mostly while tired, it will bite in a similar fashion to Gigginox.

When enraged, its strategy changes significantly, as its body will secrete a hot substance, igniting its tentacles and tail and making the shell tip to expell hot air. Lymnokuri will become a lot more faster, retracting its muscular foot to charge forwards or backwards, and focusing on using its tentacles like whips very fast and its tail like a dagger, it will also combine some moves with using its shell as a weapon.


  • Lymnokuri is highly resistant to blastblight and venom.
  • Its shell can be damaged twice and its front body can be scarred.