Llekaria are thunder wielding Piscine Wyverns that make an appearance in Monster Hunter Legacy. Unlike its sand swimming cousin the Cephadrome, Llekaria lives in tropical, subtropical, and frigid environments. It can be hunted in Low Rank and above.

Rack&Ruin Request by Setheo
Titles Bludgeoning Wyvern, Prince of the Ice lake
Nicknames Lucario, Hammerhead
General Info
Species Piscine Wyvern
Habitats Flooded Forest, Polar Sea, Deserted Island, Misty Peaks
Size 993.37cm - 1135.21cm
Relatives Cephadrome
Signature Move Thunder Hipcheck
Elements Element Thunder Thunder
Ailments Element Thunder Thunderblight
Status Paralysis Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Ice Ice
Creator Werequaza86 Rack&ruin


Llekaria's entire body structure is identical to the Cephadrome but are light brown with a moderately sized dorsal fin and cream colored foot webbing. The head is that of a Great Hammerhead Shark's with the eyes positioned in the same way as the shark's eyes are and the wings are that of a Flying Wyverns but is a cream colored like its foot webbing. Llekaria's tail isn't curved, rather the upper part of the tail is slightly longer than the lower part. Also Llekaria don't have gills, they instead breath through their skin, like the Plesioth. Also on Llekarias body are bright, blue scales that are distributed in some areas of the body and appear as faint blue hues. Scholars still research to this day.


Llekaria attack like an Espinas but instead of poisonous fireballs and its horn, Llekaria fires concentrated blue spheres of electricity and using its head to bludgeon monsters and hunters alike. Once enraged, Llekaria can chain its attacks to perform combos that can devastate a hunters health bar. To make it even harder to hunt, they're also impervious to flash bombs since its eyes are on the sides of its head but this is an advantage to the hunters because the Llekaria can't see what's in front of it.


Llekaria is a feared predator of the Polar Sea and the Flooded Forest, eating fish and small monsters. Although being strong enough to kill a full grown Rathalos , llekaria has to compete with Pterlochia and Plesioth in the flooded forest and in the polar sea, they have to be careful not to confront anorupatisu and a piscine wyvern strangely similar to it, Carcharalos. A common mystery for llekaria is how can it shoot electricity from its mouth when it can generate it through its scales. Scholars have recently discovered that its stomach doubles as a digestive organ and as a generator, so when its about to shoot electricity, the gastric juices in its stomach will begin to generate electricity however,  when a llekaria dies its stomach shrivels up, rendering it useless for carving.

Carves (Low Rank)

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Orange
Llekaria Scale A beautiful brown scale from a Llekaria. Daggers can be made with these scales
Hide Icon Brown
Llekaria Hide Smooth hide from a Llekaria. Sought after as blankets.
Webbing Icon Brown
Llekaria Webbing A soft piece of the Llekaria's wing. Not very useful despite its cream coloring like its feet.
Monster Parts Icon Brown
Llekaria Tail The sturdy tailfin of a Llekaria. This tail clubbed the pevious foolhardy hunters that challenged it.
Monster Parts Icon Brown
Llekaria Head A T-shaped head of the Llekaria. If used at the right angle it can be used as a makeshift hammer.
Monster Parts Icon Brown
Llekaria Fin A brown dorsal fin from a Llekaria. Used in hostsprings for pranks.
Scale Icon Blue
Llekaria Shockscale A scale that helps conducting and insulating electricity. Generating electricity however, it generates it in small volts since it's underdeveloped.
Claw Icon Yellow
Llekaria Fang A Llekaria fang. Even the slightest touch could end up discharging a small but dangerous amount of electricity.

Carves (High Rank)

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Brown
Llekaria Scale+ An even better scale carved from a Llekaria. Can harm those who handles it carelessly.
Hide Icon Brown
Llekaria Hide+ A much more tougher hide from a Llekaria. Sought for as blankets.
Monster Parts Icon Brown
Llekaria Tail+ A tail sturdier than a Diablos's. Its obvious scars show that it has been in several battles for its very life.
Webbing Icon Yellow
Llekaria Wing A tough wing from a young Llekaria. Its often used for the wings of flying contraptions.
Claw Icon Yellow
Llekaria Fang+ A fang of a Llekaria. Starting hunters cannot carve the fangs of this piscine wyvern for they are too dangerous.
Bone Icon Brown
Llekaria Head+ A Llekaria head with the strength of a rarity 6 hammer. This surprisingly thick skull alone can crush a wyvern's skull to dust.
Scale Icon Light Blue
Llekaria ThunderScale A scale that operates better at conducting, insulating, and even generating electricity.
Monster Parts Icon Yellow
Llekaria Fin+ The triangular shaped dorsal fin of a Llekaria. So sharp that it can be used as a great sword.
Ball Icon Blue
Llekaria Rock An odd stone found on a Llekaria's underbelly. No one knows about this peculiar stone.

Carves (G Rank)

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Yellow
Llekaria Shard A Llekaria in prime condition. It's oddly cold.
Hide Icon Yellow
Llekaria Finehide Quality hide from a mature Llekaria. Its very touch relaxes the mind.
Monster Parts Icon Yellow
Llekaria Lash A Llekaria tail of pure muscle. Even just simply swinging it can put lives at risk.
Bone Icon Yellow
Llekaria Hammerhead A head found on select few Llekaria. This skull can harm even Elder Dragons.
Monster Parts Icon Yellow
Llekaria Broadfin A top notch Llekaria dorsal fin. Used to craft greatswords to harm the strongest of Wyverns.
Claw Icon Yellow
Hvy Llekaria Fang A beautiful fang from a Llekaria. Can shatter even the most durable of armor.
Webbing Icon Yellow
Llekaria Fellwing A wing that cuts through water like paper. Despite its design it can't be used for flight.
Scale Icon Light Blue
Llekaria Thunderscale A supeme scale from a Llekaria. Generates electricity so powerful that it can kill a Rathalos when ruptured.
Ball Icon Teal
Llekaria Diamond A jewel reaped from the strongest of Llekaria. Legendary armor can be forged with this jewel.


*On Land*

Electric Ball shot- Llekaria fires a ball of electricity.

Triple Electric shot- Llekaria rears up and shoots three electric spheres.

Tail Whip- Llekaria performs the standard wyvern tail whip twice.

Tail Sweep- Llekaria sweeps its tail twice like the Diablos & Espinas.

Hipcheck- Llekaria bends its knees, and thrusts sideways.

Head Smack- Llekaria swings its head from the left or to the right.

*Enraged* (On Land)

Thunder Slide- Llekaria swims on land on its belly surrounded by a field of electricity

Electric Hipcheck- An electric aura radiates around Llekaria, then it performs a hipcheck like the Plesioth.

Violent Head Smack- Llekaria does the same thing as head smack but will do it in a more violent manner.

Head Smack Hipcheck Thunder shot combo- performs three different attacks in quick succession.


Head Sweep- Llekaria sweeps its head from side to side but is done slightly quicker.

Thunder charge- Llekaria surrounds itself in an aura of electricity then charges. Can be done up to three times when enraged.


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