Konchudrome (God Version)
Titles God
Nicknames -
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Everywhere
Size Not measured
Relatives Konchu
Signature Move Death stare
Elements All
Ailments All
Weaknesses None
Creator Democide
Konchudrome Render by Narwhaler


A giant Konchu with a holy aura.


Konchudrome (God Version)
Konchudrome God Version Icon A holy, giant Konchu only spoken in legends. There are no reported hunting quest including it. Only once in a while someone claims to see it. These people are usually faulted to be lunatics.


  • Konchudrome is the God of Konchuism.
  • It can neither be killed nor captured.
  • It gets enraged by n00b hunters.
  • It's immune to everything.


  1. Death Stare
  2. Epic Roll of Doom (kills all humanity)



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