Komon Mines
Name Komon Mines
"A series of narrow caverns located in the Tanjarmal Mountain Range. Few open areas are present, with the sky being seen in only one, and dark, mysterious sounds are heard everywhere. It is a frightening place!"
Area No. 12
Hazards Sudden falls, various walls can be collapsed by monsters to release incredibly powerful water jets/streams
Small monsters Felyne, Melynx, Giggi, Bnahabra, Vespoid
Big monsters Kripsto, Gigginox, Khezu, Nerscylla
Creator/s Master Ceadeus 27
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Climate Cold, dark, wet
Secret Areas Multiple - 3 of them can be accessed only by spawning there, while 5 more can be accessed through various changes in the terrain.
Aquatic Areas One
Shortcuts Multiple

The Komon Mines are an area in both the Mogan Chronicles Fanfiction series as well as Project ANA. It is one of two designated areas located under mountains.

These caves and tunnels were once part of a huge mine underneath the Tanjarmal Mountain Range, a narrow band of stony mountains running down from the Tahlgonir Plateau in the northeast of the Moga Continent to the Independent City of Tanjia Harbour in the central east. These mines are located centrally in this range, approximately eight miles above the Pass of Komodan and almost one hundred below the first of the Tahlgonir Plateau Mountains.

The caves are enterable from the east, west, and the top of the mountains. From the Sandy Plains and Great Desert area, one may look for the tallest peak from afar, Komorus, and see his brothers Imelrus and Styrus shining in the morning. Follow these peaks west, and you will eventually leave the desert and come within a sparsely-wooded vale, through which a stream runs to the edge of the desert before tunneling underground.

The mines are characterized by what could be described as a lack of natural resources, but an abundance of mineral resources. Being a mine, ores are aplenty.

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