Kobaha by Setheo
Titles Little Shark
Nicknames Koba, Pirhanha
General Info
Species Fish
Habitats Rivers
Size 120 cm
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Bite Charge
Elements N/A
Ailments N/A
Weaknesses N/A
Creator Setheo


Kobaha are a species of carnivorous fish that lives in murky waters such as the Flooded Forest, these monsters attack other hunters and monsters in large packs so that they can take down their enemy a lot faster than if they were alone. They are able to pin down a hunter and the hunter has to shake free of the Kobaha's before they do too much damage.


They mainly prey on herbivores such as Epioth which they can easily take down with their great agility and strength in numbers, Kobaha aren't afraid of engaging in combat with other monsters such as Ludroth as their armour can protect them from minor damage and the spikes act as a useful defence mechanism in battle.


They have also been spotted trying to take down weakened large Leviathans such as the Royal Ludroth and Gobul which they would eat as if prey, but they wouldn't dare fight a healthy Leviathan due to their strength even against a ravenous pack of Kobaha. Kobaha can often be found dead on the shores of the area they inhabit, this usually means that there is a large monster within that area which has been attacked by Kobaha.


  • Kobaha Icon

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