Kleepu by Narwhaler
Titles Algae Folk
Nicknames Weedo
General Info
Species Lynian
Habitats Swamp, Mangrove Estuary
Size Small
Relatives None
Signature Move Rod hit
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Ice
Creator Narwhaler

Kleepu are a mysterious race of Lynians found in swamps.


They're small creatures completely covered with seaweeds and other aquatic plants, looking like a pile of kelp. Two bright eyes can be seen between the coating. They can be found carrying fishing rods and sacs.


Kleepu are shy and quiet Lynians that make their tribes in the marshlands. A group of Kleepu will look for a still spot in the area to settle and live. They build their homes around trees and in hollow logs, they can use thunderbugs as lanterns and craft rudimentary tools like shovels, dive straws and fishing rods. They use their kelp coats as defense and camouflage.

They generally have a peaceful life and survive mostly from fish, seafood and some special shrooms, however, monsters can invade their villages and threaten them from time to time, just like the Felynes. Their greatest enemy is Lucaudoth, which usually terrorize them in their fishing spots and steals their food.

Kleepu can be found wondering in calm areas from swamps, fishing on fishing spots and even underwater, looking for aquatic plants and seafood. Although peaceful, they can defend themselves using their fishing rods to attack, hitting threats with them. If a Kleepu is defeated, it will burrow underground, leaving its kelp coat, if defeated underwater they will sink and then burrow underground.


Icon Name Description
Herb Icon Light Green Kleepu Seaweed Special seaweed with curative properties. Kleepu use it to make their coats.
Fish Icon Orange Sushifish A fatty, delicious fish that restores a small amount of Health when consumed.
Sac Icon Light Blue Oxygen Supply A bulb filled with Oxygen. Nice to have when you're underwater and out of air.


  • If a Lucaudoth appears in the area they will attack it until defeated.
  • Their kelp coats have curative properties.
  • Their sounds consist of acute growls and whispers.