Kingdom Magala
Titles Mighty Eagle
Nicknames King Magala
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Varied
Size Large
Relatives Gore Magala, Shagaru Magala
Signature Move Crater of Might
Elements Element Blaze
Ailments Severe Fireblight
Weaknesses Element Ice
Creator YukiHerz

The Kingdom Magala is a relative of Shagaru and Gore Magala.


Kingdom Magalas are similar in shape to Shagaru Magala, they have white scales and curved horns, their wing membranes are silver with red markings and their tails have a hairy bulge at the end.

Unlike Gore and Shagaru, Kingdoms don't undergo a drastic transformation as they grow, young Kingdoms are blind and possess feelers on their heads, which are shed when they grow and their eyes develop.


Kingdom Magala
Kingdom Magala Icon
Kingdom Magalas are passive Dragons, they wont attack outside of Self Defense, this includes encounters with humans and other humanoids, its name derives from the colored pattern in their chest, which is similar to a heraldric Eagle from an extinct kingdom.

Traditionally, in ages past the Kingdom Magala was known as the Patron of Knights, a symbol of honor in combat, in the modern times, hunters have adopted these beliefs, a practice known as the 10 Patrons.

Kingodm Magalas, while not violent against other species, will attack other members of the Magala species, which has prompted them to become a widespread species.


Kingdom Magalas don't possess the Frenzy Virus, instead they regularly shed a viscous, highly flammable liquid, they can also do this while fighting, using their innate Blaze element, they can cover a zone in flames selectively, these monsters are highly intelligent, so their placement of the liquid and the moment at which the decide to ignite it plays into their tactics, they usually cut off paths by covering the road in a wall of flame.


  • There is archeological evidence that Kingdom Magalas evolved from a special breed of the common ancestor to Magalas and Gogmazios, developed by the ancients, and that Kingdom Magalas fought on the side of the ancients when the other dragons attacked.
  • The Ten Patrons are a group of monsters which some hunters associate with, these are Rathalos(Mastery), Tigrex(Battle), Kingdom Magala(Honor), Zinogre(Prowess), Duramboros(Naturalism), Teostra(Luck), Chameleos(Tactics), Amatsumagatsuchi(Fury), Fatalis(Loose Ends) and Alatreon(Deeds Fullfiled).