Kenkama Render by Ailuromancy
Titles Samurai Mantis, The Sakura Sword
Nicknames Kenny, Ken, Mantis, Genji
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Ancestral Steppe, Forest and Hills, Jurassic Frontier, Deserted Island, Great Forest, Misty Peaks, Sunken Hollow, Everwood
Size 1368.7 (largest)

824.2 (smallest)

Relatives Lotus Kenkama
Signature Move Bladestrike
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator Ailuromancy
Kenkama is a somewhat large Neopteron introduced in Monster Hunter Farblaze. It is notably based off of real-world samurai.


KenkamaIcon Beautiful blades and graceful movements are trademark features of the Kenkama. These Neopterons are often hidden from plain sight. Luckily for most monsters, they will only prey on creatures smaller than themselves, but this does not exclude the unlucky hunter...

Kenkama resembles a praying mantis in physical features, complete with specialized forelegs that function as grabbing appendages to seize their prey. While they are delicate, they are by no means an easy monster to hunt, due to their surprisingly thick exoskeleton, their keen senses, and their alarming speed and agility in a fight. The creature's blades and feet are a golden yellow color, the center areas of its limbs as well as its wing chitin is a deep royal purple, and its head, abdomen, and thorax are a brick red color. Also, its antennae are the same royal purple with gold striping on each segment. Kenkama has two large compound eyes as well as three "normal" eyes on its "forehead."


The Kenkama is actually a bit elusive due to its stealthy nature. Usually hidden in the treetops, these insects are seldom seen by not only hunters and researchers, but even other monsters. The few Kenkama that have been sighted and observed have been reported to show extreme intelligence compared to other Neopterons, apparently being able to distinguish color, tell time based on light-sensing organs located near their brains, and the ability to remember patterns, locations, and the even the facial features of hunters or monsters of other species. Kenkama also seem to have a hatred of Nerscylla, avoiding their nests or attacking them without warning when they wander too close.


Hunt Intro

Kenkama in the Mists: Area 5 of Misty Peaks: The Sakura Sword

The hunter enters Area 5 of the Misty Peaks, a seemingly timid place at the time. A herd of Kelbi are calmly grazing upon the grasses and reeds that litter the ground. One Kelbi starts to walk to the treeline, sniffing the ferns before bleating in fear, running off. However, a large, mantis-like creature emerges, and in the blink of an eye, it quickly lunges towards its prey. Both animals stand still for a moment, before the Kelbi simply falls over, dead. The Kenkama turns its head towards the hunter and spreads its wings and claws as a warning to back off.


  • Poke: The Kenkama jabs at the hunter with the tips of its forelegs, knocking them onto their rear.
  • Blade Swing: The Kenkama swipes its claw at the hunter, knocking them away.
  • Blade Sweep: The insect raises its foreleg and swipes it at a 180 degree angle. This is always done twice.
  • Blade Barrage: The Kenkama takes flight, before hovering backwards. It then proceeds to quickly rush towards a hunter while it rapidly swings its forelegs at them.
  • Slam: The Kenkama leaps into the air, does a frontflip, and then slams its blades into the ground. This will leave it open for attacks for about two seconds.
  • Bladestrike: The Neopteron flies into a hunter after swinging its foreleg, turns around, and repeats. This increases in speed, making it harder to dodge each time. Finally, to finish the attack off, the Kenkama soars upwards, and then divebombs the hunter while swinging its blades in opposite directions. This final move almost end up with a one-hit cart.
  • Wave of Knives: The Kenkama soars at a hunter at full speed, its forearms extended. This can be done three times in a row.
  • Warrior's Feast: The insect attempts to grab the hunter in its foreclaws. If successful, it will result in a pin. This involves the Kenkama starting to eat the hunter alive until interrupted, or if unbroken, the Kenkama will throw the hunter into the ground and finish this attack with a Wave of Knives attack.
  • Swordnado: The Kenkama prepares itself, leaving it exposed for about three seconds. It then proceeds to spin a single time with its foreclaws extended, creating a sort of bladed whirlwind.
  • Sword Pivot: The Kenkama starts to spin its upper body around as it walks towards a hunter, a barrage of blades headed right for them as it does so.
  • Impale: The Kenkama attempts to slam its claw into a hunter. If successful, it will result in a pin where the hunter is struggling to keep the mantis' foreleg from impaling their chest. If unbroken, the Kenkama will simply use its Slam attack, knocking them away.
  • Sword Dance: The Kenkama raises its forelegs into the air, before it starts to hop to the left and right for about five seconds. If successful, the Kenkama's attack damage is raised. If interrupted, the hunter's attack is boosted for one minute.

Rage and Tired States

  • Enraged:
    • The Kenkama hisses. Its eyes start to glow yellow, and it puffs steam from its mandibles.
  • Tired:
    • The Kenkama's antennae droop and it drools. Also, it will fall over when using Swordnado, Blade Barrage, Sword Pivot, and Sword Dance. Its claws become stuck for longer time durations as well.


Kenkama has the same mount as Seltas.



Breakable Parts

  • Head: The Kenkama's left antenna is broken off at the middle, and its facial chitin is scarred. Also, its head spikes are cracked and chipped.
  • Body: The Kenkama's shoulder spikes are broken and chipped, while its wings are tattered and scarred.
  • Right Foreleg: The insect's blades are broken off, and some of its spikes are chipped off.
  • Left Foreleg: The insect's blades are chipped and scarred, and some of the spikes are chipped off.




Low Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Carapace Icon Red Kenkama Shell "A Kenkama exoskeleton. It's light, but sturdy, perfect for killing prey as fast as possible without getting damaged."
Carapace Icon Red Kenkama Scalp "The exoskeletal plating of a Kenkama's head. Extra protective to avoid damage to its complex brain."
Carapace Icon Purple Kenkama Brace "The plated leg chitin of a Kenkama. It's very thick, despite being hollow."
Horn Icon Yellow Kenkama Spike "The blade-like spike off of a Kenkama's exoskeleton. It's very sharp."
Claw Icon Yellow Kenkama Sword "The foreleg of a true predator. It can easily cut through anything on the business end."

High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Carapace Icon Red Kenkama Carapace "A thick Kenkama exoskeleton. While it's a bit heavier, it still allows flawless agility to take over."
Carapace Icon Red Kenkama Scalp+ "The exoskeletal plating of a Kenkama's head. Extra protective to avoid damage to its complex brain."
Carapace Icon Purple Kenkama Brace+ "The plated leg chitin of a Kenkama. It's very thick, despite being hollow."
Horn Icon Yellow Kenkama Spike+ "The blade-like spike off of a Kenkama's exoskeleton. It's sharper than usual."
Claw Icon Yellow Kenkama Ninjato "The foreleg of a true predator. It can easily cut through anything on the business end."


Icon Item Name Description
Carapace Icon Red Kenkama Dou "A Kenkama exoskeleton. It's thick enough to stop almost any attack."
Carapace Icon Red Kenkama Kabuto "It's almost shaped like a helmet."
Carapace Icon Purple Kenkama Kote "The almost impenetrable arm chitin of a Kenkama. It takes true skill to carve this."
Horn Icon Yellow Kenkama Wakidate "While it appears to be decorative, the Kenkama can still harm the unwise with these."
Claw Icon Yellow Kenkama Katana "The foreleg of a mature Kenkama, capable of slicing wyverns in two."


  • Kenkama can be stunned briefly with Sonic Bombs. This duration is doubled if a Sonic Bomb is used during its Sword Dance.
  • The Kenkama's G-Rank carve materials are all named after the equipment of a Samurai.
  • Kenkama can walk on walls and ceilings.